"It's not done until it's done right."

Those words from Pat Summitt's father are sewn into the fabric of her life's work. Hers was a life that provided mentorship, influence, motivation and inspiration. First as a child, dutifully doing chores in a Tennessee hay field, and later as a titan of her profession brilliantly diagramming yet another game-winning play, she sought perfection.

In that relentless pursuit of excellence, she molded remarkable young women of an unmistakable type.

Eight national championships. 1,098 total wins. A 100 percent graduation rate. But Pat's legend transcends numbers. It transcends sport, gender and all things quantitative.

Mother. Coach. Competitor. Loyal friend.

The lessons she shared with us all are as numerous and brilliant as the blanket of stars draped across the Smoky Mountains. As we mourn this immeasurable loss, we also celebrate Pat's unparalleled impact ... and a life done right.