Johnny Majors Featured In Chattanooga Times Free Press

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Mark Wiedmer's feature on former UT coach Johnny Majors: Majors Still A Historic Presence.

Here's the start of the piece: 

You couldn't get away with it today. A recruiting class of 73? Are you trying to build a college football team or a marching band?

But 1973 wasn't 2011. Johnny Majors was considering leaving Iowa State for Pittsburgh, a nondescript program swallowed whole by the giant shadow of Penn State.

Knowing the Panthers, who were 1-10 in 1972, needed a rapid and massive injection of talent, Majors told the Pitt administration he'd take the job if he could sign 50 kids a year for four years.

They agreed and Majors was on his way. But then he read something in the paper about the NCAA discussing capping signing classes at 30 with a maximum of 95.

"I was always good at math," Majors, now 77, said following his talk to the Chattanooga Area Historical Association at the downtown library Monday night.

"I went back to the administration and told them I needed to sign more that first year. Maybe 75 or 80. They gave me the approval."

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