Hunter Listed Among SEC's 'Scariest' On

There is always that player you don't want to line up against. 

That player who terrifies opposing players with his size, speed or shear strength. He can plow a quarterback into the turf at will or can ram his way through a line before choosing to run over linebackers instead of around them. 

Unleashing pain is a must in his game. Without it, he leaves the field unsatisfied. 

Check out this list SEC's five scariest players for 2012 from Edward Aschoff, which includes Tennessee's Justin Hunter at No. 5 

5. Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee: Hunter was sidelined for most of the year with a season-ending knee injury, but when he was on the field, he frightened defensive backs. He was arguably the league's best deep threat when he was healthy, catching 17 passes for 314 yards (18.5 yards per catch) and two touchdowns. He was even scarier in 2010, when he caught just 16 passes for 415 yards (25.9) and seven touchdowns. Hunter should be full speed next season, so expect a few defenders to get a good luck at his last name next fall. Covering him is an issue and keeping up with him once he has the ball might be even harder.

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