How was this photograph made?

 Last night I faced a challenge.  I had to make a photograph of about 70 people in a room made for 10 and make it look good.  The assignment was to shoot the Lady Vols watching the NCAA Selection Show on ESPN at Pat's home.  Trying to show all the players and coaches with the staff in one frame would have been impossible without the use of a fisheye lens

  It was shot with a Rokinon/Samyang lens made in Korea.  These lenses are manual focus and offer great capabilities with shooting video on DSLR's.  they ahve perfectly smooth focusing ability unlike their AF counterparts.  I bought this one used on for like $220.  It came from a Marine serving in the war and was shipped form a military Zip Code from overseas.  I don't use it much but when you have to see everything, this is often the only thing that will work.


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