Vols In NFL Update (8/8)

Time for the mid-week edition of Vols in the NFL.

Peyton Manning to see action on the field for the first time since the 2010 Playoffs; A different perspective on Arian Foster's veganism; Robert Meachem working to develop connection with Rivers in San Diego and more.

ESPN: Peyton Manning has Broncos abuzz
Brush News Tribune via Denver Post: Broncos likely to get Peyton Manning 10-12 plays in preseason vs. Bears
Houston Chronicle: Foster's veganism is food for thought for Texans
ESPN: Play of the day: Tony Romo threads needle to Jason Witten
North County Times: CHARGERS: Meachem working to build connection with Rivers
Comcast SportsNet: Stallworth's perspective on the greatness of Brady, Brees

http://s3.amazonaws.com/newscloud-production/newscloudcms/2012/08/502029cd7fd0dc1ae7005d2d/photos/2075360/original.jpg?1344285189b       Robert Meachem

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