College GameDay Teaser - Dooley's Orange Pants

Derek Dooley's Orange Pants

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley has an interesting wardrobe and it has spurred reaction in the Vol community, including its own website. ESPN's Tom Rinaldi sits with Dooley to talk about his wardrobe.

Dooley gives fashion advice to someone considering wearing orange pants
"Well, I'm no fashion guru but you better make your outfit about the pants because if you're loud everywhere else, you're really going to look funny. So you got to tone it down everywhere else, not a lot of colors are going to be matching it, so white, gray, maybe a little soft brown..."

Dooley on finding the proper pair of orange pants
"I called our equipment manager Fraz - he's been around a long time - and said, I need some orange pants and I need them to MATCH the jersey, the right orange.  I told him I wanted some good quality pants because I didn't want the old polyester pants that Johnny Majors wore on occasion. So he found somebody who made them and they fit great... So we ran with it."

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