Vols Advance In NCAA14 Cover Vote


Round One of the NCAA Football Cover Vote is now officially complete with Tennessee emerging as one of the top-32 teams to move on to Round 2. With more than 600,000 total votes cast, Notre Dame earned the opening round victory.

The Vols, who were in 29th out of the 32 teams at the beginning of last week jumped up to 23rd at the end of voting.

Polls open today, Wednesday, January 9th for Round Two, and fans are encouraged to visit the NCAA FootballFacebook page to vote for their favorite team.

Below are the 32 schools advancing into the next round. Help the Vols into the round of 16 by voting!



1.  Notre Dame

17.  Alabama

2.  Stanford

18.  TCU

3.  Oregon

19.  Miami

4.  LSU

20.  Georgia

5.  Texas A&M

21.  Utah

6.  Ohio State

22.  Oklahoma

7.  Nebraska

23.  Tennessee

8.  Michigan

24.  Arkansas

9.  Kansas State

25.  Missouri

10.  Penn State

26.  Oregon State

11. West Virginia

27.  Georgia Tech

12.  Florida State

28.  Iowa

13.  Clemson

29.  Texas

14.  Florida

30.  Navy

15.  Kentucky

31.  USC

16.  Wisconsin

32.  BYU




















From this point forward, the field will be continually halved until a champion is crowned. Below is the schedule for the remainder of the rounds.

ยท         32 Schools

o    Voting Begins - 1/9

o    Voting Ends - 1/15

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