Vols Advance To Sweet 16 In NCAA14 Cover Vote


The Vols have advanced to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Football cover vote!

The Round of 16 voting begins on January 16 and will run through the 22nd with the top-8 schools moving on.

The Vols finished 13th in this round of voting behind SEC schools 1. Alabama, who had a runaway round beating its nearest competitor by 10,000 votes, 2. Texas A&M, 8. Georgia and 12. Florida.

Make sure you vote for the Vols as this week marks a fresh start in the polls!

Below are the schools advancing into the round of 16:



1. Alabama

  9. Navy

2. Texas A&M

10. Wisconsin

3. Michigan

11. Florida State

4. Ohio State

12. Florida

5. Oregon

13. Tennessee

6. Penn State

14. Nebraska

7. Notre Dame

15. Texas

8. Georgia

16. LSU

The NCAA Football Cover Vote has tallied more than 1.2 million votes to date. Third round voting will continue until January 22nd, and potential cover athletes from the final eight schools will be unveiled from January 23rd through February 3rd. Cover athlete-specific voting will begin on Monday, February 4th.

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