Vote For The Vols On The NCAA 14 Cover

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The Vols have found themselves ready to move on to the second round in the quest to secure the next NCAA Football cover. As the first round of voting enters the homestretch, voting will conclude on Monday, January 7, the Vols sit in 29th place out of 32 teams who will move on. Notre Dame and Oregon are in first and second place respectively.

Help the Vols secure their spot in the second round of voting and beyond Big Orange Nation!

Teams advancing to the second round of the Cover Vote will be announced on Facebook at halftime of the BCS National Championship Game on Monday, January 7th.

Here's the full list of the 32 schools currently primed to enter the next round.



1. Notre Dame

17. Alabama

2. Oregon

18. TCU

3. LSU

19. Miami

4. Ohio State

20. Utah

5. Texas A&M

21. Georgia

6. Nebraska

22. Oklahoma

7. Michigan

23. Missouri

8. Kansas State

24. Oregon State

9. Stanford

25. Georgia Tech

10. Penn State

26. Arkansas

11. Florida State

27. Iowa

12. West Virginia

28. Texas

13. Florida

29. Tennessee

14. Kentucky

30. Navy

15. Clemson

31. BYU

16. Wisconsin

32. Army


Totals have been calculated through votes on primary polls on Facebook as well as several smaller polls highlighting rivalries, traditions, legendary college football players and more.

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