Rhian Wilkinson On Expansion of Women's World Cup

In a recent ESPNW story by Bonnie D. Ford, Tennessee soccer legend and Canadian National Team member Rhian Wilkinson recently shared her thoughts on the expansion of the Women's World Cup to 24 teams, starting with the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada.

"I think it's great for women's soccer," Wilkinson said in the story. "When you do that, initially, there will be some teams who aren't quite ready yet. It will raise the bar for those countries. I've been on a side that's been beaten like that. Scoring at will isn't any fun, either, but you have to go through those horrible steps.

"It'll be a steep and painful learning curve, and it depends on what you do with it. If the federations don't get behind [new qualifiers] and provide funding, there's nothing to be learned."

Check out the full story on ESPNW!

ESPNW - Bonnie D. Ford: Is 2015 Right Time For WWC Expansion?

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