Jones Featured On Yahoo! Sports Front Page

Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports was in Knoxville on Monday and spent time with Butch Jones. Check out the story that came out of that meeting, a front page story: Long view: Jones rebuilds Vols brick by brick.

Here's the opening:
One minute, Butch Jones is sitting in the Tennessee staff meeting room. The next minute, he's out of his chair, down the hallway and returning with a reddish-brown brick in his hands and a twinkle in his dark eyes.

The brick has an orange outline of the state of Tennessee and a white "T" on one side. On the other is the slogan that has usurped the myriad other catchphrases and buzz words Jones uses: "Brick By Brick."

It is the new football coach of the Volunteers' favored Twitter hash tag. It is written in script on his orange golf shirt. It has darn near taken over his life.

"Brick By Brick" is his metaphor for the rebuilding process he has undertaken at a school that has lost its lofty place among the Southeastern Conference elite.

"It's developed a life of its own," Jones said of the brick movement. "It's not a fancy slogan. It's not a marketing ploy. It's what we have to do to build the foundation and get Tennessee back to its rightful place in college football."

Read the full story: Long view: Jones rebuilds Vols brick by brick.

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