Women's Swimming Ranked Eighth Nationally

The women's swimming and diving team is opening the year ranked eighth nationally. UT is coming off a banner year in which the team finished third at the NCAA Championships and won its first three NCAA relay titles. 

The CSCAA D1 Poll Committee will produce in-season rankings of the 25 best performing NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving teams in rank order at the time of each poll.  The poll is not designed to predict the results of the NCAA Championship, but rather which teams would win head-to-head against other teams in the country. Ranking are based on performances that have taken place since the previous poll and include invites as well as dual meets.


NCAA Division I Women's Swimming and Diving Ranking as of October 31, 2013

1. California

2. Georgia

3. Southern California

4. Texas A&M

5. Florida

6. Texas

7. Stanford

8. Tennessee

9. North Carolina

10. Indiana

11. Arizona

12. Louisville

13. Auburn

14. Minnesota

15. Arkansas

16. Southern Methodist University

17. Michigan

18. Virginia

19. Ohio State

20. Wisconsin

21. Alabama

22. Arizona State

23. NC State

24. Florida State

25. Penn State

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