Trade, Wise Words From Former Vol Sparked Tobias Harris


On Tuesday, John Denton wrote a feature on Tobias Harris for the Orlando Magic website. The feature focuses on Harris' evolution into a bona fide NBA starter after his trade from the Milwaukee Bucks. The story is particularly interesting to Volunteer fans as it sheds light on some of Harris' darker times (being given up on by the Bucks) and how a former Tennessee Vol helped restore his confidence.

Denton went on to write:

Tobias Harris is the type of athlete who practically oozes confidence out his every pore. On the basketball court, there is no situation that scares him and no moment too big for him.

He'll take - and make - big shots, as proven by his game-winning dunk against Oklahoma City two weeks ago. And Harris has no hesitation when it comes to his position on the floor, willingly playing either small forward or power forward against bigger players.

However, the trade from Milwaukee rattled Harris' confidence.

But Harris admitted on Tuesday that hearing the initial news that he had been traded was shocking to the senses for him. Luckily for him, he had a former NBA standout and a fellow University of Tennessee product to give him a good piece of advice.

``It was eye-opening for me as a player to realize that the NBA is a business and it showed me that this league is a lot about confidence,'' Harris said. ``When I got traded from here, to begin with I was at first discouraged because I was here in Milwaukee. One of the first persons who called me was Dale Ellis, who played here. He was just telling me, `Don't ever think that just because they traded you, that doesn't mean they don't think that you can play. You can play in this league for a long time and when you get to Orlando you need to have that type of confidence.'

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