Peyton Pays Tribute To Fallen Broncos Fan

What Peyton Manning did for a fallen Broncos fan will touch your heart.

Check out this story from the Mile High Report: Peyton Manning pays small but unforgettable tribute to fallen Broncos fan.

You probably didn't notice the unfamiliar name written on Peyton Manning's hand towel during training camp practice last week. We didn't. Such subtle acts sometimes need to be pointed out.

"Chris Crowson," the hand towel read, and thanks to a curious Redditer, we now know the story behind Crowson, Manning, and the hand towel.

Chris Crowson is the name of a young man in North Carolina who passed away unexpectedly on June 13th, due to complications from surgery. At age 28, Crowson was a huge Broncos fan, despite he and his family moving from Colorado roughly 20 years earlier; that fandom continued from his trips to Broncos training camp.

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