Thornton Center

Thornton Center

The Thornton Athletics Student Life Center is a state-of-the-art, 33,000 sq/ft facility that houses academic counseling and career development services for student-athletes.

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  • Address:
    1801 Volunteer Boulevard
    Knoxville, TN, 37996
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Thornton Athletics Student Life Center

With 18 full-time staff members, the Thornton Athletics Student Life Center offers academic counseling services, a career development program, a student development program, a comprehensive tutoring program, a writing lab, a math lab, a computer lab, and accommodations for students with special needs.

Among some of the services provided are:

Champs/Life Skills
  • Provides student-athletes with resources for future work
  • Workshops on personal development issues, resume building, and interviewing
  • Opportunities for community service
  • Annual career fair
Thornton Center

Student-athletes at Tennessee receive top-flight academic support through the Thornton Athletics Student Life Center.

Study Hall
  • Provides a quiet, equipped, and supportive environment for student learning
  • Objective-Based Study Hall is a program for at-risk student-athletes
  • Mentors assist students in organizational and study skills
  • Designed to provide students with a structured and supervised study environment conducive to learning
  • Free tutoring is available in nearly any subject
Writing Lab
  • Writing Lab staff work with student-athletes at all stages of the writing process and for any discipline
  • Staffed by tutors who have taught writing and literature courses
Math Lab
  • Provides individual assistance and group study sessions related to math
VOLScholar Program
  • Four components: curriculum, research incentives and peer mentoring.
  • Program dealing with issues that student-athletes need to be aware of in order to be successful during their first year and beyond
Special Needs Program
  • Comprehensive academic support program in conjunction with Office of Disability Services
  • Assists male and female student athletes with disabilities (physical, psychological, and learning).
International Student-Athletes
  • The University of Tennessee Athletics Departments actively recruit student-athletes from diverse backgrounds, including students from foreign countries.
  • Our international ranks represent 6 continents and 17 countries.
RAC Program
  • The RAC Program assist former student-athletes achieve their goal of graduation from the University of Tennessee.


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