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Ask Mike - January 2005

Feb. 9, 2005

love to see hats and/or tees with the 92 cross. you guys did a great job on that one!! looking forward to a reggie tribute day. charles bower, fletcher, nc

Mike Hamilton:
Hi Charles,
Thanks for your e-mail. I'm glad you liked the hats. We thought it was the best way to honor Reggie during the Cotton Bowl. We currently do not have plans to sell the hats.

Thanks for your support of the Vols!

After the big Cotton Bowl victory, we can't wait until the Spring Game. Do we have a date for it yet? Please advise. Thanks! Happy New Year and Go Vols! Carole Lamb, Murfreesboro, TN

Mike Hamilton:
Hi Carole,
The Orange and White game is scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at 3 p.m.

Thanks for your support of the Vols!

I read the compelling article yesterday that a former Vol has played in 17 of the last 18 Super Bowls. I don't know that I have ever heard of a more incredible statistic than that one. That more than anything else sums up the incredible placement of our football players not only into the NFL but into the largest venue in the world that every kid dreams about playing in. I sure do hope that our coaches and recruiters are using that as an enormous tool for star recruits to commit here. Hopefully they show them that article....it doesn't even have to be explained, it speaks clearly for itself. I would bet the farm that no other school could come close to that astounding fact. If you ask any Dean what his/her priority is and I bet it would be job placement.....and that is exactly what the UT football program does. It not only places more young men into the highest level of play than any other school, it also places them into the highest possible game of that level year in and year out like clockwork. What an unbelievable fact. Our school and program should be proud of that, it may be trivial for a non-athletic individual who thinks sports is a waste of time and a mindless drain on one's intellect, but irregardless these athletes are being placed very successfully in their field, matter of fact, at the top of their class! Kudos to that and hopefully that streak will continue for many years to come. Please reassure me that the coaches are using this for recruiting! Regards, Brian L. Knoxville

Mike Hamilton:
Hi Brian, Thanks for your e-mail and your support of the program. I am forwarding your note on to Coach Fulmer to share with the football staff.

Thanks for your support of Tennessee athletics!

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