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"It's a matter of trying to stay ahead of the curve. Facilities have a tremendous amount to do with that. You can talk to a recruit all you want about how committed you are to athletics, but until they see something physically, that's all it is -- talk. These facility improvements will put Tennessee back in the mix of the top eight to 10 schools in the country."

Phillip Fulmer, Head Football Coach

"It's not about having the nicest lockers or the biggest arena. It's what results from giving our players and our fans first-class facilities. Demonstrating to our student-athletes that we're a big-time school creates an automatic level of respect. They know that they have to work hard and respect the program to be worthy of the investment we're making in their athletic careers."

Pat Summitt, Head Women's Basketball Coach

"To have one complex that includes one outdoor 50-meter pool, an indoor 50-meter pool and the new 50-meter competition pool will, in our opinion, give Tennessee the leading aquatic facility in America. This in itself is spectacular. But the real measure is the amount of support the athletic department and the community are giving to Tennessee's swimming and diving programs."

John Trembley, Head Men's Swimming Coach

"In order for Tennessee to continue to attract top national recruits, it is imperative that we not only compete with, but surpass, our competition. We want a national championship at Tennessee. The only obstacle I see in our pursuit is the lack of a permanent soccer facility."

Angela Kelly, Head Women's Soccer Coach

"There's an intangible feeling that you get when you walk onto the court at the University of Tennessee. It's a combination of the mystique of Pat Summitt, the championship banners hanging from the rafters and the first-rate facilities. Everything from the locker room to the gym floor tells you that you are part of one of the best basketball programs in the country. It's a powerful recruiting package. As one of the top athletic schools in the country, we should have that impact on recruits in every sport."

Kara Lawson, Former Lady Vol Basketball All-American

"I am honored to have chaired this campaign. It is important to the state of Tennessee and the university that all our teams and student-athletes have a chance to be successful. STEP UP will provide the across-the-board facility improvements that will positively impact recruiting, training and competition preparation for all of our student-athletes."

John Thornton, STEP UP Executive Committee Campaign Chairman

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