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Tennessee's All-Time Olympic Medalists

Aug. 11, 2012


» Tennessee Products At 2012 Olympics

Dee Dee Trotter picked up her second-career Olympic gold medal as she led off the American 4x400-meter relay team in London. Trotter won gold in the same event at the 2004 Olympics. Tianna Madison and Aries Merritt also won gold at the 2012 Summer Games in the 4x100m relay and 110m hurdles, respectively, while Tamika Catchings (third gold medal) and Candace Parker (second gold medal) helped the USA women to their fifth-straight and seventh overall Olympic victory in women's basketball.

All-time 23 University of Tennessee products have won 30 Olympic gold medals through the years. All 23 represented the United States.

Men's Basketball (2 athletes, 2 gold medals):
Ernie Grunfeld (1976)
Allan Houston (2000)

Women's Basketball (9 athletes, 13 gold medals): 
Tamika Catchings (2004, 2008, 2012)
Bridgette Gordon (1988)
Lea Henry (1984)
Chamique Holdsclaw (2000)
Kara Lawson (2008)
Nikki McCray (1996, 2000)
Carla McGhee (1996)
Cindy Noble (1984)
Candace Parker (2008, 2012)

Men's Swimming (5 athletes, 7 gold medals):
David Edgar (1972, 400m Free)
Jeremy Linn (1996, 400m Medley Relay)
Tripp Schwenk (1996, 400m Medley Relay)
Melvin Stewart (1992, 100m Fly/400m Medley Relay)
Matt Vogel (1976, 100m Fly/400m Medley Relay)

Men's Track (4 athletes, 4 gold medals):
Justin Gatlin (2004, 100m)
Sam Graddy (1984, 4x100m Relay)
Tim Mack (2004, Pole Vault)
Aries Merritt (2012, 110m Hurdles)

Women's Track (3 athletes, 4 gold medals):
Benita Fitzgerald (1984, 100m Hurdles)
Tianna Madison (2012, 4x100m Relay)
DeeDee Trotter (2004, 4x400m Relay)
DeeDee Trotter (2012, 4x400m Relay) 

Here's a list of Tennessee's all-time medal winners. In history, 51 medals have been awarded to those representing Tennessee and competing in the Olympics, dating to 1972.

1972 - MUNICH (1 - 1 Gold)
David Edgar (Gold, 400m Free Relay)

1976 - MONTREAL (5 - 3 Gold, 2 Silver)
Matt Vogel (Gold, 100m Fly, Gold 400m Medley Relay)
Cindy Brogdon (Silver, Basketball)
Patricia Roberts (Silver, Basketball)
Ernie Grunfeld (Gold, Basketball)

1984 - LOS ANGELES (5 - 4 Gold, 1 Silver)
Benita Fitzgerald (Gold, 100m Hurdles)
Sam Graddy (Gold, 4x100m Relay & Silver, 100m)
Lea Henry (Gold, Basketball)
Cindy Noble (Gold, Basketball)

1988 - SEOUL (1 - 1 Gold)
Bridgette Gordon (Gold, Basketball)

1992 - BARCELONA (5 - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze)
LaVonna Martin (Silver, 100m Hurdles)
Melvin Stewart (Gold, 200m Fly & Gold, 400m Medley Relay & Bronze, 800 Free Relay)
Daedra Charles (Bronze, Basketball)

1996 - ATLANTA (8 - 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze)
Augie Ojeda (Bronze, Baseball)
R.A. Dickey (Bronze, Baseball)
Jeremy Linn (Gold, 400m Medley Relay & Silver, 100m Breast)
Tripp Schwenk (Gold, 400m Medley Relay & Silver, 200m Back)
Nikki McCray (Gold, Basketball)
Carla McGee (Gold, Basketball)

2000 - SYDNEY (4 - 3 Gold, 1 Silver)
Allan Houston (Gold, Basketball)
Lawrence Johnson (Silver, Pole Vault)
Chamique Holdsclaw (Gold, Basketball)
Nikki McCray (Gold, Basketball)

2004 - ATHENS (6 - 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze)
DeeDee Trotter (Gold, 4x400m Relay)
Justin Gatlin (Gold, 100m & Silver, 4x100m Relay & Bronze, 200m)
Tim Mack (Gold, Pole Vault)
Tamika Catchings (Gold, Basketball)

2008 - BEIJING (6 - 3 Gold, 3 Silver)
Monica Abbott (Silver, Softball)
Christine Magnuson (Silver, 100m Fly & Silver, 400m Relay)
Tamika Catchings (Gold, Basketball)
Kara Lawson (Gold, Basketball)
Candace Parker (Gold, Basketball)

2012 - LONDON
Tamika Catchings (Gold, Basketball)
Tianna Madison (Gold, 4x100m Relay)
Aries Merritt
(Gold, 110m Hurdles)
Justin Gatlin (Silver, 4x100m Relay & Bronze, 100m)
DeeDee Trotter (Gold, 4x400m Relay & Bronze, 400m)
Marie-Eve Nault (Bronze, Women's Soccer)
Candace Parker (Gold, Basketball)
Rhian Wilkinson (Bronze, Women's Soccer)

ALL-TIME: 51 (30 Gold, 12 Silver, 9 Bronze)

Women's Basketball 16 (13 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze)
Men's Swimming 10 (7 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze)
Men's Track 10 (4 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze)
Women's Track 6 (4 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze)
Baseball 2 (2 Bronze)
Men's Basketball 2 (2 Gold)
Women's Swimming 1 (2 Silver)
Women's Soccer 2 (2 Bronze)
Softball 1 (Silver)

Also of note with connections to Tennessee, who won medals:

» Nancy Darsch (Assistant coach of 1984 Olympic Team and later was assistant for 1996 team after she had left UT, both teams winning gold)

» Jenna Johnson (Was asst. coach for UT from 1993-98 (1984 gold, U.S. 400 free relay)

» Bill Schmidt won the bronze medal in the javelin in 1972. He earned his master's degree from Tennessee in 1976 and served as a as volunteer coach with the UT track & field program.

» Julia Stowers (Won 2000 Olympic gold on U.S. 800 free relay before later transferring to UT)

» Pat Summitt (Played at UT Martin and won 1976 silver medal in basketball during a time she was also serving as UT's coach; Coached U.S. women to 1984 gold medal)

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