Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Staff
Jason McVeigh

Jason McVeigh, MS, PT, SCS, ATC, LAT

Director of Sports Medicine (Football) | (865) 974-9098

Robb Duncanson

John Burnside MS, ATC, LAT

Football Head Athletic Trainer | 865-974-1231

Chad Newman

Chad Newman, MS, ATC, LAT

Associate Director of Sports Medicine (M. Basketball) | (865) 974-1901

Associate Director of Sports Medicine (W. Basketball) |

Greg Mytyk

Greg Mytyk, MA, ATC

Assistant Director of Sports Medicine (Soccer) | (865) 974-3810

Vinny Tufaro

Vincent Tufaro, MS, ATC, LAT

Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football/Men's Golf) | (865) 974-9096

Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood, MS, ATC, LAT

Assistant Director of Sports Medicine (Baseball) | (865) 974-1902

Abe Kiggins

Abe Kiggins, MS, ATC, LAT

Assistant Athletic Trainer (Track & Cross Country) | (865) 974-6485

Sammie Charters

Sammie Charters, MS, ATC, LAT

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Softball | (865) 974-1231

Jenna Kennedy

Jenna Kennedy

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Football | (865) 974-1231

Christine Bach

Christine Bach

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Volleyball | (865) 974-7470

Emily Quatromoni

Emily Quatromoni

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Swimming & Diving | (865) 974-1231

Christopher Klenck

Dr. Christopher Klenck

Head Team Physician

John Dean

John Dean, MPT, ATC, LAT

Director of Rehabilitation | (865) 974-1900

Greg Mathien

Dr. Greg Mathien

Senior Orthopedic Surgeon

Russell Betcher

Dr. Russell Betcher

Orthopedic Surgeon

Jeff DeWitt

Jeff DeWitt, MS

Medical Claims Coordinator | 865) 974-9099

Julie Hallums

Julie Hallums

Administrative Assistant | 865) 974-9099


The University of Tennessee Sports Medicine Department offers its student-athletes a variety of health and wellness support services. These services are coordinated by the Head Team Physician and the Director of Sports Medicine, and are provided through two main programs, Team ENHANCE and Team EXCEL.


Team ENHANCE is a program for student-athletes that was developed by the Women's Athletic Department of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville to create a healthy culture in which student-athletes can thrive. The name of the program is an acronym for Enhancing Nutrition, Health, Athletic performance, Networking, Community, and Education. The program provides nutrition information and education about eating disorders and other mental/emotional health issues facing young women today. It also provides support groups; intervention; individual and family therapy; outpatient treatment; aftercare services; and referral to inpatient treatment when necessary. Team ENHANCE provides a full continuum of services to promote the well-being of the student-athlete. Student-athlete's participation is held in strict confidentiality. Participants benefit from the program's successful partnering relationships with experts in many fields - eating disorders specialists, mental health and addiction professionals, nutritionists, therapists, consultants, and authors.

Wellness Education and In-Services

Through Team ENHANCE and Team EXCEL, student-athletes are provided with wellness education via in-services and group discussions. Wellness topics are designed to educate the student-athlete on general issues that are most commonly encountered. Topics may include the dynamics of peer pressure, alcohol awareness and education, the social, emotional, and physical impact of substance abuse, appropriate supplement use, hygiene, nutrition, life-skills, prevention education, information on domestic violence and general health guidelines.

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It is the mission of the UTSM to provide the student-athletes of the University of Tennessee with the highest quality health care system available. Members of the UTSM will strive to stay on the leading edge of knowledge and standards of medical care in order to provide the most appropriate, expedited and beneficial health care to every student-athlete, to allow them to safely compete in his/her respective sport.

Vision Statement

The UTSM department will deliver traditional athletic training, physical therapy and sports medicine services to the student-athletes of UTAD. The services provided to the student-athlete can be divided into four areas:

  1. Health and wellness education.
  2. Prevention of athletic injuries.
  3. Recognition, evaluation, and treatment of student-athlete injuries and illnesses.
  4. Rehabilitation and reconditioning after injury to allow return to sport activities.

UTSM strives to utilize the most efficient, proven, and current practices and technologies. UTSM will aim to offer a health care system that is proactive in approach, reducing the risk of athletic injury for our student-athletes; provide easily accessible sports medicine services that are responsive to the needs of the student-athlete; and facilitate injured student-athletes' safe return to participation in athletic competition in a timely manner.



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