• Meeting: 106
  • First Meeting: 1893
  • Tennessee leads 73-23-9
  • Last 10: Tennessee leads 10-0
The Streak
The fans of every major college football rivalry can tell you how long the current win/loss streak is for their team. In the Tennessee-Kentucky rivalry, that number is growing quite large. The Vols have won 25 straight games in the series with their last loss coming in 1984.

UT's winning streak is the longest active annual rivalry winning streak in the nation. Only Penn State's current 28-game streak over Temple is longer, but the Nittany Lions and Owls don't play every year. In the history of the college game, only six rivalry series have experienced a win streak longer than 25 games.

Longest Winning Streaks in a Rivalry Game
43 games: Notre Dame over Navy (1964-06)
36: Nebraska over Kansas (1969-04)
32: Oklahoma over Kansas State (1937-68)
29: Nebraska over Kansas State (1969-97)
28: Texas over Rice (1966-93)
26: Syracuse over Hobart (1906-31)
25: Tennessee over Kentucky (1984-2009)
25: Penn State over West Virginia (1959-83)