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The SEC Network has already been picked up by roughly half of all subscription TV services in the country.
and enter your carrier information to find out what channel the SEC Network will be airing on. Required programming packages/tiers and channel location vary by provider.


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  • Arthur Mutual Telephone Company
  • AT&T U-verse
  • Auburn Essential Services
  • Audeamus, LLC (aka Kerman Telephone)
  • Ayersville Telephone Company
  • BEK Communications Cooperative
  • Bright House Networks
  • Brookings Municipal Utilities dba Swiftel Communications
  • Camellia
  • Cascade Networks
  • CenCom, Inc. IPTV
  • Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative
  • Charter
  • Cherokee Telephone Company
  • Chickamauga Telephone Corporation
  • City of Dunnellon dba Greenlight Dunnellon Communications
  • Comcast
  • Com Net, Inc.
  • Cox
  • Delcambre
  • DISH
  • Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
  • Fulton Telephone Company
  • Garden Valley Telephone Company IPTV
  • Glandorf Telephone Company
  • Google Fiber
  • Grafton Technologies
  • Greenlight D unnellon Communications
  • Hardy OneNet
  • Highland Communciations Services
  • IdeaTek Systems, Inc.
  • Integra Telecom, Inc.
  • LUS Fiber
  • Madtel
  • McClure Telephone Company
  • Mid-Plains Rural Telephone dba Mid-Plains Communications
  • Minford Telephone
  • myEVTV
  • North Dakota Telephone Company
  • Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company
  • Olin
  • Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative (PRTC)
  • Peoples Services
  • Plateau Telecommunications
  • PTC Communications
  • Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation
  • Rural Burleigh Cable
  • Russellville EPB SmartNet
  • Siren Communications
  • Smithville Telephone
  • Southern Montana Telephone Company
  • Spruce Knob
  • SPTC Telcom
  • Suddenlink
  • Sunset Communications
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Trenton Telephone Company dba Tennessee Valley Network (TVN)
  • Tri-County Telephone Association (IPTV)
  • United Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation IPTV
  • Valu-Net, LLC
  • Vaughnsville Telephone Company
  • Waldron Telephone Company
  • Wheat State Telephone (ENFUSION)
  • Whidbey Telecom
  • Wilkes Comm
  • Wilkes Telephone
  • Yadkin Valley Telecom IPTV

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When will the SEC Network launch?   ▾

The network will launch on August 14, 2014 with kick-off programming from 6-9pm ET.

What is the SEC Network?   ▾

There are two components to the SEC Network, a television channel and digital platform.


  • At the outset, the network will offer SEC sports and sports-related studio programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, such as SEC Nation, the network's traveling football pregame show that will air every Saturday during the fall, a television simulcast of The Paul Finebaum Show and SEC Now, a daily news and information show.
  • More than 1,000 live events will also be available in the first full year across the television network and its digital extensions. This will include approximately 45 football games, more than 100 men's basketball games, 60 women's basketball games, 75 baseball, 50 softball and 120 Olympic sports on the SEC Network. Programming will also include studio shows and original content such as "SEC Storied".
  • This SECN is a national sports network.
  • This does not replace national broadcasts on CBS, ESPN, ESPN2, etc.

SEC Network+ (Digital)

  • Digital events will be broadcast for viewing via SECNetwork.com, fans can find links to live events on UTSports.com and WatchESPN. Your provider must provide authenticated access for viewing of SECNetwork+
  • 600+ live events will be broadcast digitally in the first year
  • Links to live streaming events can be found on UTSports.com
  • Tennessee will produce more than 40 events with a much higher standard of production
  • This digital platform will include a viewing opportunity, similar to ESPN3, of a live stream of the television network programming. This programming will be available to those subscribers whose provider carries the SEC Network.

How is this different from SEC TV (formerly called the SEC Network)?   ▾

SEC TV, referred to as the SEC Network prior to 2013, previously aired SEC football and basketball games on local channels. The SEC Network launching in August will be its own channel on your television which you will be able to access via cable or satellite television. Events selected to air on the SEC Network will only be available on the television channel or the digital platform.

SEC TV no longer exists.

What Channel will the SEC Network be on?   ▾

Fans should visit the SEC Network Channel Finder where you will be asked to enter your zip code, choose your provider and then the appropriate channel information should populate.

  • AT&T U-VERSE OFFERS THE SEC NETWORK ON CHANNEL 607 AND 1607 HD, AND OVERFLOW GAMES ON CHANNEL 608-610 SD AND 1608-1610 HD. AT&T U-verse also provides digital access to all SEC Network and SEC Network + events on WatchESPN and SECNetwork.com.
  • COMCAST XFINITY OFFERS THE SEC NETWORK IN MOST AREAS. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS FOR DETAILS OR CALL COMCAST XFINITY AT 800-266-2278 FOR ASSISTANCE. Comcast XFINITY also provides digital access to all SEC Network and SEC Network + events on WatchESPN and SECNetwork.com.
  • DISH OFFERS THE SEC NETWORK ON CHANNEL 408, OR ON THE HOPPER CHANNEL 404. OVERFLOW GAMES ARE ON CHANNEL 596-59, OR ON THE HOPPER CHANNEL 404.1, 404.2, 404.3. DISH also provides digital access to all SEC Network and SEC Network + events on WatchESPN and SECNetwork.com.
  • CHARTER OFFERS THE SEC NETWORK IN MOST AREAS. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS FOR DETAILS OR CALL CHARTER AT 888-438-2427 FOR ASSISTANCE. Charter also provides digital access to all SEC Network and SEC Network + events on WatchESPN and SECNetwork.com.
  • WOW! HAS REACHED AN AGREEMENT WITH ESPN TO DISTRIBUTE THE SEC NETWORK. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS FOR DETAILS OR CALL WOW! AT 865-357-1000 FOR ASSISTANCE. Please contact WOW! to find out if they provide access to the SEC Network on WatchESPN and SECNetwork.com.

How can I get the SEC Network in time for the launch & for the Tennessee games?   ▾

Fans should visit GetSECNetwork.com and also contact their cable or satellite distributor to ensure they receive the network.

Agreements are already in place with DISH, AT&T U-verseĀ® TV, Bright House Networks, Charter, Comcast Xfinity TV, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, DISH, Google Fiber, LUS Fiber, PTC Communications, Suddenlink, Time Warner Cable, Wilkes Telephone, and members of the NCTC, NRTC and NTTC to carry the television network nationwide at launch.

ESPN is working hard to ensure that the network will be available nationally via every cable, satellite and telco distributor. ESPN will continue negotiating with the other distributors in the coming months. Your cable, satellite, or telco provider makes programming decisions based on customer requests. As a fan of the Southeastern Conference, please support the SEC Network by calling your cable, satellite or telco provider and requesting the SEC Network.

How do I get the digital-exclusive events, SEC Network +, of the SEC Network?   ▾

If you are a customer of of AT&T U-verse, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DISH, Google Fiber, Suddenlink, and members of the NCTC, NRTC and NTTC you will have authenticated access. You can contact your provider and get a username and password which will allow you to access the content on computers, tablets, mobile phones and other consumer devices like Xbox.

DIRECTV, Time Warner and Bright House Cable customers have access to the SEC Network television channel. We continue to have productive discussions with these providers for authenticated access to SEC Network and SEC Network + events via WatchESPN.

Will I be able to watch the SEC Network on my mobile phone or tablet?   ▾

Yes. Provided you are a subscriber of AT&T U-verse, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DISH, Google Fiber, Suddenlink, and members of the NCTC, NRTC and NTTC you will have authenticated access, the SEC Network will be available on computers, tablets, mobile phones and other consumer devices like Xbox via WatchESPN. The aim is to make this content available to fans anytime, anywhere.

I am an authenticated WatchESPN app user, will I be able to see SEC Network content through the app?   ▾

The SEC Network will be available through the WatchESPN app. Your cable, satellite or teleco provider must carry the SEC Network in order for you to have authenticated access through either app or digital platform.

Will local affiliates broadcast Tennessee games if our region/cable provider does not carry the service?   ▾

No. SEC Network programming and events will only be made available on the SEC Network channel or digital platforms.

Can I pay to subscribe to the network online, Pay-Per-View or via ESPN3 if I can't get it on TV?   ▾

No. The games will be exclusive to the network and its digital extensions. However, once a subscriber has access to the network via an affiliated provider, that subscriber will have access to the content on computers, tablets and mobile phones. The aim is to make this content available to fans anytime, anywhere.

How will this impact my cable bill?   ▾

ESPN negotiates for license fee payments from its distributors and has no control over retail pricing. Retail prices are determined by each distributor.

What is the immediate impact on Tennessee fans?   ▾

  • The first two home football games vs. Utah State and Arkansas State will be broadcast on the SECNetwork's television platform
  • While the schedules are not set, a number of events for men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and volleyball will be broadcast for viewing on the television platform and the digital platform (SECNetwork.com)
  • To stay up-to-date with Tennessee programming, visit UTSports.com/secnetwork

What programming will be on the SEC Network?   ▾

The SEC Network will have 24/7 programming; it's a dedicated channel for all things SEC.

Specific programming is still being developed, but current plans include:

  • "SEC Now" — Daily live studio program, discussing all the SEC news of the day.
  • "SEC Nation" — Weekly gameday show during football season. Will be on a different SEC campus each week. Two-hour traveling pregame show with game previews, highlights, features and the sights and sounds of game day in the SEC. SEC Nation will air Saturdays from 10-noon ET.
  • A daily sports news program similar to SportsCenter.
  • "The Paul Finebaum Show" — A daily four-hour show, ESPN Radio's Paul Finebaum shares compelling opinions on SEC football through a deep knowledge of the conference and interaction with passionate callers that have followed him for years.
  • "SEC Storied" — A features series from ESPN Films exploring the rich athletic history of the SEC's recent and more distant past.
  • "SEC Rewind" — Classic games featuring SEC teams, including past BCS Championship games, past SEC Championship games, and classic regular season and Bowl games.

Will all SEC campuses carry the network?   ▾

Campuses served by an affiliated provider will have access to the SEC Network.

I live outside SEC footprint. Are you working to make sure we are able to see the SEC Network too?   ▾

Yes. SEC Network is a national television channel.

Will each school have a block of time to program as they see fit?   ▾

This is a conference-wide network. The goal is to provide equitable exposure for each of the SEC member institutions. Programming decisions will be made between ESPN and a content committee representing the member institutions.

Will I still see my weekly coaches' show on local TV?   ▾

Yes. Coaches' shows are not a focus of the SEC Network programming plan.

Will there be fewer games available to me now that there is a SEC Network?   ▾

The intent of the network is make more SEC events available to more fans than ever before. The SEC Network will provide more than 1,000 (450 on the SEC Network television platform and 550+ on SEC Network+) live events per year for SEC fans and sports fans across the country in the first year and we anticipate growth in the future. These games will also be available online on a range of devices to allow for widespread access that is not currently available.

Right now, I watch games online at UTSports.com. Will I still be able to see all those games?   ▾

Tennessee fans will be able to find links to all live streamed events online at UTSports.com, although the games will be broadcast via SECNetwork.com and WatchESPN.

The network is for all sports across the 14 member institutions. Events produced by the institutions will be available on SEC Network+ which may be accessed through the WatchESPN app. You will see not only events originating from Tennessee's campus on the SEC Network or its digital extensions, but also road events involving Tennessee teams that previously a fan would have had to seek on opposing schools' websites.



The SEC Network, developed by ESPN and the Southeastern Conference, will televise SEC content 24/7.

This will include:

  • 45 SEC Football games
  • 100 Men's Basketball games
  • 60 Women's Basketball games
  • 75 Baseball games
  • 50 Softball games
  • 25 Soccer games
  • 40 Volleyball games

plus additional events from the SEC's annual sports. Hundreds of additional live events from various sports will be offered exclusively on the digital platform, SECNetwork+. This does not replace national broadcasts on CBS, ESPN, ESPN2, etc.

Additional programming includes: SEC Now (daily SEC studio program) and SEC Storied (rich features like "The book of Manning").

REMEMBER! The Vols' first two home games will be broadcast ONLY on the SEC Network

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