McGroarty Wins 3 Meter to Start Invite

Jan. 3, 2013


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Senior Jodie McGroarty headlined the Lady Vols' first- and third-place finishes on the 3-meter springboard Thursday at the Tennessee Diving Invitational at Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center.

McGroarty entered the last round in second place with her favorite dive, the reverse 2 1/2 somersault tuck, to go. Diving last in the competition, she hit the dive for an afternoon-high score of 65.80 to move past Cassie Weil of LSU into first with a six-dive score of 331.55, the third time this year she has scored more than 330 in the event.

"That's my favorite dive, and it's probably my most consistent," McGroarty said. "But every now and again it gets me down a bit because I get a little too confident or I put too much pressure on myself thinking this is that dive that always gets you out of trouble, my 'get out of jail free' card. But it worked because I was trying to focus on doing things right instead of trying to do things well."

Junior Tori Lamp took third in 308.45.

McGroarty and Lamp had entered the final rounds after taking first and second in the preliminaries in the early afternoon.

"Jodie and Tori going 1-2 in the prelims was outstanding, and I fully expected them to be right up there," Tennessee diving coach Dave Parrington said.

Freshman Samantha Lera made sure Tennessee was well-represented in the final 12. She also made the finals out of the 51-diver preliminaries, finishing 12th in 238.15.

"I was really really pleased that she showed a lot of composure against an excellent field of divers and a large field of divers to stay in the mix and make the finals was a really big step for her in her career," Parrington said.

In the men's competition, senior Brett Sterling took eighth on the 1-meter springboard with a score of 315.40. The competition was a close one; he was less than two points away from finishing second.

"Brent did some really good stuff," Parrington said. "He did some things that we've been working on, and I was really pleased with that. He made a couple little mistakes in his hurdle, which really cost him in the final ... we've got to keep building on what he did today."

Competition continues Friday with the women's 1-meter and men's 3-meter springboard events beginning at 11:30 a.m. Admission is free. Live video will be available at

Parrington said the other two men's divers, Mauricio Robles (illness) could be available to compete later in the meet.

Tennessee Diving Invitational
Thursday's Results
Final Scores
Men's 1 Meter

1. David Bonuchi, Missouri, 374.70; 2. Nick McCrory, Duke, 319.75; 3. John Fox, UK, 316.90; 4. Devin Burnett, SMU, 316.50; 5. Jakob Kolod, UVA, 316.40; 6. Fraser Mckean, Auburn, 316.20; 7. Kevin Leong, LSU, 315.65; 8. Brent Sterling, UT, 315.40; 9. John Santeiu, Auburn, 310.85; 10. Andrew Laing, Auburn, 301.55; 11. Daniel Helm, LSU, 300.00; 12. Ozzie Moyer, NC, 253.60.

Women's 3 Meter
1. Jodie McGroarty, UT, 331.55; 2. Cassie Weil, LSU, 318.45; 3. Tori Lamp, UT, 308.45; 4. Loren Figueroa, Missouri, 307.90; 5. Christa Cabot, UK, 304.95; 6. Paige McCleary, Alabama, 287.25; 7. Lauren Reedy, Missouri, 268.80; 8. Ann-Perry Blank, UGA, 265.35; 9. Rebecca Hamerian, Kentucky, 265.80; 10. Laura Ryan, UGA, 255.20; 11. Lisa Bogosian, Alabama, 249.15; 12. Samantha Lera, UT, 238.15.

Preliminary Scores
Men's 1 Meter

1. Fraser Mckean, Auburn, 347.30; 2. Jakob Kolod, UVa, 331.55; 3. David Bonuchi, Missouri, 327.25; 4. Devin Burnett, SMU, 322.00; 5. Kevin Leong, LSU, 317.35; 6. Daniel Helm, LSU, 315.05; 7. John Fox, UK, 310.80; 8. John Santeiu, Auburn, 303.85; 9. Nick McCrory, Duke, 303.00; 10. Andrew Laing, Auburn, 297.55; 11. Brent Sterling, UT, 297.40; 12. Ozzie Moyer, NC, 296.85.

Women's 3 Meter
1. Jodie McGroarty, UT, 331.85; 2. Tori Lamp, UT, 331.15; 3. Cassie Weil, LSU, 312.20; 4. Laura Ryan, UGA, 308.85; 5. Christa Cabot, UK, 305.20; 6. Lisa Bogosian, Alabama, 299.35; 7. Paige McCleary, Alabama, 291.35; 8. Loren Figueroa, Missouri, 278.65; 9. Rebecca Hamperian, UK, 290.95; 10. Lauren Reedy, Missouri, 278.65; 11. Ann-Perry Blank, Georgia, 276.75; 12. Samantha Lera, UT, 269.60.





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