Lamp, Sterling Qualify for NCAA Diving

March 12, 2013



KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- SEC Diver of the Year Tori Lamp and senior Brent Sterling both secured their spots in the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships with their performances Tuesday at the NCAA Zone B Diving Championships.

At home at the Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center, Lamp finished third in the women's 1-meter springboard competition to earn one of 10 women's positions available in the national field. She joins senior teammate Jodie McGroarty, who won her NCAA spot from Monday's 3-meter competition and took fourth on the 1 meter.

Sterling got off to a slow start on the front end of his competition, but he was solid the rest of the afternoon to finish second on the 3-meter springboard and earn one of just five NCAA positions available for the men. It will be mark his third time qualifying for NCAAs in his career.

With Lamp and McGroarty both in the field, Tennessee's women's swimming and diving squad is sending at least 12 competitors to NCAAs. Freshman Samantha Lera has a chance to make it 13 with the platform competition Wednesday.

The last two years Sterling had reached the NCAAs, it came on the last day of the Zone Championships, hoping the qualifying list would play out in his favor. With only five total NCAA spots available this year for the Zone B men, Sterling needed a strong effort to get in on his own.

Most of the diving field felt that pressure to finish in the top two spots of the 3-meter springboard, and mistakes resulted in the final rounds of competition. Sterling stayed solid in the final rounds to hang on to second place and a trip back to the NCAA championship site in Indianapolis.

"There was a lot of tension because of the fact that there were probably only two spots available there," diving coach Dave Parrington said. "The guys were struggling with the pressure and what was at stake, and Brent kept hanging on and got back into the contest."

Sterling came out to a slow start in prelims and was sitting in fifth place after six dives. While opponents ahead of him started missing dives in the finals, he climbed the ladder and finished with a 12-dive list of 731.70 points.

"He just flat-out hit dives when he had to," Parrington said. "He was 30-odd points off his usual score through the first two rounds . He could have just bagged it at that point because he would have expected to be a lot higher. He hit two dives to get right back into the competition."

John Santeiu of Auburn won the competition with a score of 746.80 to claim another NCAA position on the qualifying list. Nick McCrory of Duke and Thomas Neubacher of Florida State qualified during Monday's 1-meter competition.

Lamp, who finished second at NCAAs on platform last year, is back in the national field after scoring 587.25 in the combined preliminary and final rounds of the 1-meter springboard competition.

"It was definitely a relief," Lamp said. "I was hoping to get in the first day, but getting into today is just awesome and I'm thankful for that."

Teammate McGroarty was not far behind, taking fifth in 579.35. Freshman Samantha Lera was 13th (525.00).

With a top-three finish on platform Wednesday, Lera could qualify for the NCAA field. The UT freshman was fifth in the event last month at the SEC Championships and was less than a point away from becoming the second Lady Vol to crack the 300-point barrier on the tower.

Seven women at the Zone B Championships have qualified so far for NCAAs. In addition to Lamp and McGroarty, the other divers moving on include: Georgia's Laura Ryan, NC State's Rachel Mumma, Florida State's Kelsey Goodman, Miami's Carrie Dragland and Miami's Lindsay Lester.

Mumma has enjoyed perhaps the most impressive meet individually so far, taking second on the 3 meter and winning Tuesday's 1 meter competition.

(After Day 2)

1. Platform - 1st
2. Three-Meter - 1st -- Laura Ryan, Georgia
3. One-Meter - 1st -- Rachel Mumma, NC State
4. Three-Meter - 2nd -- Rachel Mumma, NC State
5. One-Meter - 2nd -- Kelsey Goodman, Florida State
6. Three-Meter - 3rd -- Jodie McGroarty, Tennessee
7. One-Meter - 3rd -- Tori Lamp, Tennessee
8. Platform - 2nd
9. Three-Meter - 4th -- Carrie Dragland, Miami
10. One-Meter - 4th -- Lindsay Lester, Miami
11. Three-Meter - 5th -- Lindsay Lester, Miami
12. Platform - 3rd
< --- NCAA Qualifying Cutoff --- >
13. One-Meter - 5th -- Jodie McGroarty, Tennessee
14. Three-Meter - 6th -- Paige McCleary, Alabama
15. One-Meter - 6th -- Kara McCormack, Miami
16. Platform - 4th
17. Three-Meter - 7th -- Kahlia Warner, Florida
18. One-Meter - 7th -- Ariel Rittenhouse, Florida State
19. Three-Meter - 8th -- Tori Lamp, Tennessee
20. Platform - 5th
21. One-Meter - 8th -- Kahlia Warner, Florida
22. Three-Meter - 9th -- Kelsey Goodman, Florida State
23. One-Meter - 9th -- Paige McCleary, Alabama
24. Platform - 6th
25. Three-Meter - 10th -- Ariel Rittenhouse, Florida State
26. One-Meter - 10th -- Carrie Dragland, Miami
27. Three-Meter - 11th -- Kara McCormack, Miami
28. Platform - 7th
29. One-Meter - 11th -- Ashley Hardy, Georgia Tech
30. Three-Meter - 12th -- Shanna Schuelein, Auburn
31. One-Meter - 12th -- Patti Kranz, South Carolina

(After Day 2)

1. Platform - 1st
2. Three-Meter - 1st -- John Santieu, Auburn
3. One-Meter - 1st -- Nick McCroy, Duke
4. Three-Meter - 2nd -- Brent Sterling, Tennessee
5. One-Meter - 2nd -- Thomas Neubacher, Florida State
< --- NCAA Qualifying Cutoff --- >
6. Three-Meter - 3rd -- Jordan Long, Duke
7. One-Meter - 3rd -- Fraser Mckean, Auburn
8. Platform - 2nd
9. Three-Meter - 4th -- Fraser Mckean, Auburn
10. One-Meter - 4th -- Brent Sterling, Tennessee
11. Three-Meter - 5th -- Cole Miller, South Carolina
12. Platform - 3rd
13. One-Meter - 5th -- Hudson Rains, NC State
14. Three-Meter - 6th -- Hudson Rains, NC State
15. One-Meter - 6th -- John Santeiu, Auburn
16. Platform - 4th
17. Three-Meter - 7th -- Jordan Mauney, Tennessee
18. One-Meter - 7th -- Jordan Long, Duke
19. Three-Meter - 8th -- Luke Zippi, Alabama
20. Platform - 5th
21. One-Meter - 8th -- Justin Youtsey, Auburn
22. Three-Meter - 9th -- Sean Saley, Florida
23. One-Meter - 9th -- Sean Saley, Florida
24. Platform - 6th
25. Three-Meter - 10th -- Nick McCrory, Duke
26. One-Meter - 10th -- Nicholas Klein, Florida State
27. Three-Meter - 11th -- Justin Youtsey, Auburn
28. Platform - 7th
29. One-Meter - 11th -- Deon Reid, Duke
30. Three-Meter - 12th -- Deon Reid, Duke
31. One-Meter - 12th -- Tanner Wilfong, Miami





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