Swim Alumni Injured in Boston Marathon Blasts

April 17, 2013


Tennessee swimming alumni Nicole and Michael Gross were among those injured in the finish-line bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Nicole, who swam for the Lady Vols from 2000-03 and Michael (1999-2003) were waiting at the finish line to cheer on Nicole's mother when the blasts went off. Nicole was undergone multiple surgeries on her leg, and her sister, Erika Brannock, was among those more seriously injured.

Head coach Matt Kredich said: "I think it hits home to any sports team or athletic department when an iconic sporting event has to face tragedy. For us, it hit home even more when we found out that Nicole and Michael were injured in one of the blasts.

"We understand that both were well enough to talk, but Nicole needs a second surgery. So our thoughts and prayers of the team are with her. Our team, our alums and our community are trying to mobilize and figure out what we can do for them.We also understand that Nicole's sister was really badly hurt, so we're thinking about the whole family. Tennessee swimming and diving is a family past, present and future, so we're going to support them in whatever way we can."

Tennessee fans and alumni wishing to send their thoughts and support to the family can do so on the Tennessee swimming Facebook page at facebook.com/VOLoFish.





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