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                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 4/11/2013 08:14 PM
Women Hammer Throw
 minimum mark to measure: 45.00m
 prelims: 3 attempts each; top 9 marks to finals
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Jessica Rowland              Findlay                 57.86m     189-10 
      56.25m  54.98m  55.36m  55.26m  54.30m  57.86m
  2 Felisha Johnson              Indiana Stat            56.75m     186-02 
      50.37m  54.47m  FOUL  FOUL  53.95m  56.75m
  3 Dani Bunch                   Purdue                  55.09m     180-09 
      52.46m  FOUL  54.92m  53.59m  55.09m  54.22m
  4 Julia Agawu                  Arkansas Sta            54.01m     177-02 
      FOUL  52.28m  54.01m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Lydia Gomez-Diaz             Eastern Mich            53.99m     177-01 
      45.14m  51.46m  FOUL  FOUL  53.99m  FOUL
  6 Kayla Gutierrez              SE Missouri             53.11m     174-03 
      53.11m  FOUL  53.04m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  7 Suzee Mills                  Kennesaw Sta            52.80m     173-03 
      45.67m  FOUL  52.77m  52.80m  FOUL  50.55m
  8 Jessie Harrison              Tennessee               52.01m     170-08 
      FOUL  51.24m  50.60m  FOUL  FOUL  52.01m
  9 Mary Theisen                 Indiana Stat            50.76m     166-06 
      49.50m  50.76m  46.58m  47.39m  50.05m  FOUL
 10 Sarah Hall                   SE Missouri             50.18m     164-07 
      49.38m  50.18m  FOUL            
 11 Nancy Harmon                 Wis.-Milwauk            49.98m     164-00 
      43.31m  FOUL  49.98m            
 12 Shannon Hooper               Kennesaw Sta            47.92m     157-03 
      45.83m  ND  47.92m            
 13 Megan Wesner                 Youngstown S            47.40m     155-06 
      46.40m  47.29m  47.40m            
 14 Moriah Myles                 Wis.-Milwauk            46.70m     153-02 
      45.13m  45.98m  46.70m            
 15 Madison Sears                Shorter                 46.31m     151-11 
      44.22m  46.31m  FOUL            
 16 Stephanie Negrete            Western Mich            46.22m     151-08 
      FOUL  46.22m  FOUL            
 17 Andrea Hiler                 Western Mich            45.61m     149-08 
      45.61m  FOUL  FOUL            
 18 Courtney Gapelu              SE Missouri             42.89m     140-08 
      42.89m  ND  FOUL            
 19 Kim Ludick                   Arkansas Sta            42.88m     140-08 
      42.88m  FOUL  ND            
 20 ReJean Rouse                 Unattached              41.65m     136-08 
      41.65m  ND  ND            
 21 Katelyn Williams             Tennessee               35.11m     115-02 
      35.11m  ND  ND            
 22 Meagan Smith                 Shorter                 29.78m      97-08 
      29.78m  ND  ND            
 -- Jennifer Neider              Youngstown S              FOUL            
      FOUL  ND  ND            
 -- Kendra Averesch              Findlay                   FOUL            
      FOUL  FOUL  ND            
 -- Tyesha Jones                 East Tenn. S              FOUL            
      FOUL  ND  ND            
 -- Chelsea Gerbers              Western Mich              FOUL            
      FOUL  ND  FOUL            
Men Hammer Throw
 minimum mark to measure: 50.00m
 prelims: 3 attempts each; top 9 marks to finals
 finals: 3 attempts each
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Andy Fryman                  Mjolnir Thro            69.11m     226-09 
      69.11m  FOUL  64.90m  FOUL  68.61m  68.49m
  2 Garland Porter               Unattached              68.45m     224-07 
      68.43m  FOUL  FOUL  67.30m  67.70m  68.45m
  3 Kevin Becker                 Unattached              67.18m     220-05 
      65.94m  FOUL  67.18m  FOUL  65.30m  66.41m
  4 Brandon Pounds               Indiana Stat            64.92m     213-00 
      60.00m  FOUL  61.00m  62.94m  62.48m  64.92m
  5 Chukwuebuka Enekwechi        Purdue                  62.88m     206-03 
      60.83m  FOUL  FOUL  62.38m  62.45m  62.88m
  6 Chris Nicasio                Arkansas Sta            61.61m     202-01 
      59.50m  61.61m  FOUL  60.70m  61.10m  FOUL
  7 Timothy Morse                Unattached              61.38m     201-04 
      59.84m  61.38m  FOUL  FOUL  61.34m  FOUL
  8 Joseph Velez                 Ohio State              60.63m     198-11 
      60.02m  57.57m  FOUL  60.63m  FOUL  FOUL
  9 Martynas Sedys               Kennesaw Sta            60.15m     197-04 
      60.15m  55.08m  59.30m  58.05m  59.60m  FOUL
 10 Derrick Vicars               Findlay                 58.19m     190-11 
      57.22m  58.19m  57.09m            
 11 Drew Thomas                  Tennessee               57.59m     188-11 
      57.59m  56.95m  56.88m            
 12 Bill Gehring                 Ohio State              57.22m     187-09 
      57.22m  56.02m  FOUL            
 13 Justin Applegate             Indiana Stat            56.57m     185-07 
      48.51m  56.57m  52.83m            
 14 Richard Chavez               Arkansas Sta            55.84m     183-02 
      FOUL  55.84m  FOUL            
 15 Kevin Farley                 SE Missouri             55.63m     182-06 
      FOUL  52.39m  55.63m            
 16 Chris Fields                 Indiana Stat            55.49m     182-01 
      FOUL  54.22m  55.49m            
 17 Jared Siemers                SE Missouri             55.11m     180-10 
      53.83m  52.31m  55.11m            
 18 Deon McAdoo                  Tennessee               54.10m     177-06 
      54.10m  53.98m  52.14m            
 19 Robert Harvey                Kennesaw Sta            53.55m     175-08 
      49.63m  53.55m  ND            
 20 Robert Stein                 Miami (Ohio)            53.09m     174-02 
      53.09m  52.26m  FOUL            
 21 Cameron Brown                Tennessee               52.90m     173-07 
      52.15m  FOUL  52.90m            
 22 Craig Robinson               SE Missouri             52.59m     172-06 
      FOUL  52.59m  51.09m            
 23 Marcus Vicars                Findlay                 51.64m     169-05 
      50.78m  ND  51.64m            
 24 Anthony Jones                Eastern Mich            50.43m     165-05 
      44.23m  ND  50.43m            
 25 Jakob Engel                  Purdue                  44.64m     146-05 
      44.64m  ND  ND            
 26 Alex Chollet                 Wis.-Milwauk            44.13m     144-09 
      44.13m  ND  FOUL            
 27 Justin Harris                East Tenn. S            43.68m     143-04 
      43.68m  FOUL  ND            
 28 Jake Goodwiler               Wis.-Milwauk            43.37m     142-03 
      43.37m  FOUL  ND            
 29 Teron Turner                 Eastern Mich            42.42m     139-02 
      42.42m  ND  ND            
 -- Daniel Alexis                Shorter Elit              FOUL            
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL            
 -- Carson Frost                 Tennessee                 FOUL            
      FOUL  ND  ND            
 -- Taylor Miller                Findlay                   FOUL            
      FOUL  ND  FOUL            
 -- Andrew Wentz                 Eastern Mich              FOUL            
      FOUL  ND  FOUL            
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