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Individual Records

Single-Game Records

Category RecordPlayervs. OpponentDate
At-Bats 8Jeff Baumtrog and Justin Parkervs. Georgia State2/13/99
   Dan Gormanvs. ETSU 2/24/88
Runs 5Several(Last by Tony Delmonico vs. Tennessee Temple 5/8/07)
Hits 6Kris Bennett (6-for-6)vs. Georgia 6/11/01
   Chris Burke (6-for-6)vs. Hawaii-Hilo 2/9/00
   Jeff Pickler (6-for-6)vs. College of Charleston2/12/98
   Larry Fielder (6-for-6)vs. Georgia Tech4/3/68
RBI 10Joe Randa vs. Louisville 4/23/91
RBI (Inning) 7Sonny Cortez vs. N.C. State 1/30/98
Singles 4Several(Last by Yan Gomes and Josh Liles vs. Arkansas 4/20/08)
Doubles 4Josh Liles vs. Charlotte 4/2/08
Triples 3Stuart Driscoll vs. Carson-Newman 4/21/71
Home Runs 3Cody Hawn vs. Ohio 3/6/09
   Todd Helton vs. Arkansas3/25/95
   Alan Cockrell vs. Austin Peay3/16/83
   Rusty Ensor vs. Vanderbilt5/2/81
Home Runs (Inning) 2Kelly Edmundson (8th inn) vs. Belmont5/16/06
   Sonny Cortez (1st inn) vs. North Carolina State 1/30/98
Extra-Base Hits 4Cody Hawn (2B, 3 HR) vs. Ohio 3/6/09
   Josh Liles (4 2B)vs. Charlotte 4/2/08
   Jordan Czarniecki (2 2B, 2HR)vs. Arkansas 4/19/02
   Stuart Driscoll (2B, 3 3B)vs. Carson-Newman 4/21/71
Total Bases 14Cody Hawn vs. Ohio 3/6/09
   Alan Cockrell vs. Austin Peay3/16/83
Walks 5J.P. Arencibiavs. ETSU4/4/07
   Chase Headley vs. Radford 3/11/05
Strikeouts 4By 17 Players
   (last by Matt Ramsey at Kentucky 5/2/09)
Hit-by-Pitch 3By Several
   (last by Blake Forsythe at Vanderbilt 5/14/09)
Stolen Bases 6Clay Greene vs. Middle Tennessee 4/9/97
Steal Attempts 7Clay Greene vs. Middle Tennessee 4/9/97
Sacrifice Hits 2Several
   (last by Zach Osborne vs. Oregon State 2/20/09)
Sacrifice Flies 2By 17 players
   (last by Cody Brown vs. Eastern Michigan 3/7/08)
Hit Streak 27Condredge Holloway(3/26-4/28/75)
  26Jeff Pickler (3/17-4/26/98)
  24Justin Ross (2/12-3/25/98)
  20Kris Bennett (2/12-3/21/00)
Consecutive Hits 11Brad Bradshaw(4/9-12/76)
Innings Pitched 11.0R.A. Dickey vs. Alabama 5/17/96
   R.A. Dickey vs. Oklahoma State5/28/95
Hits Allowed 18Craig Cobb vs. Alabama 5/18/06
Runs Allowed 12Marlyn Tisdale vs. Kentucky 4/23/99
   Quenten Patterson vs. Alabama 3/14/99
   Jamie Bolinger vs. Winthrop 5/7/87
Earned Runs 12Quenten Patterson vs. Alabama 3/14/99
Unearned Runs 10Michael Cosgrove vs. Kentucky 4/11/97
Walks Issued 9Marlyn Tisdale vs. Arkansas 3/26/99
   Luke Hudson vs. Oklahoma State 5/23/97
Batters Struck out 20Joe O'Brien vs. Maryville 5/9/72
Wild Pitches 5Marlyn Tisdale vs. Arkansas 3/26/99
Wild Pitches (Inning) 4Wyatt Allen vs. Old Dominion 2/21/99
Hit Batters 4Aaron Tullo vs. Alabama 4/3/09
   Kurt Scott vs. Florida State 2/1/98
Balks 2Four times
   (last by P. Hicklen vs. UNC Wilmington 6/5/04)
Putouts 18Ed Lewis vs. Auburn 3/17/96
  Dan Gorman vs. UNLV 3/16/88
Assists 9Three times
   (last by Walter Sevilla vs. LSU 5/5/02)
Errors 4Three times
   (last by Zach Osborne at Coastal Carolina 2/27/09)
Passed Balls 3Yan Gomes at Georgia 3/21/08

NOTE: Chris Burke is the only Vol ever to hit for the cycle (vs. Vanderbilt 5/11/2001 [3B, HR, K, 2B, 1B]).

As of 02/01/10

Single-Season Records

Category Record Player Year
Games 70 Matt Whitley 1995
Average .464 Sam Ewing 1970
At-Bats 293 Matt Whitley 1995
Runs 105 Chris Burke 2001
Hits 118 Chris Burke 2001
Singles 76 Matt Whitley 1995
Doubles 30 Jeff Pickler 1998
Triples 11 Chris Burke 2001
Home Runs 24 Sonny Cortez 1998
Grand Slams 3 Greg Geren 1982
    Bobby Tucker 1970
Extra-Base Hits 52 Chris Burke 2001
RBI 92 Todd Helton 1995
Total Bases 221 Chris Burke 2001
Slugging Percentage .831 Chuck Barclift 1980
On-Base Percentage. .537 Chris Burke 2001
Walks 63 Chase Headley 2005
Hit-by-Pitch 25 Scott Vieira 1995
Strikeouts 63 Donnie Ross 1999
Sacrifice Hits 16 Bryce Christensen 1995
Sacrifice Flies 9 Todd Helton 1995
Stolen Bases 58 Stevie Daniel 2000
Steal Attempts 65 Stevie Daniel 2000
Wins 15 Luke Hochevar 2005
    R.A. Dickey 1994
Losses 9 Marlyn Tisdale 1999
ERA 0.89 Todd Helton 1994
Saves 12 Todd Helton 1995
Appearances 32 Scot Drucker 2004
Games Started 22 R.A. Dickey 1995
Complete Games 10 Bill Aldridge 1978
Innings Pitched 164.0 Jamie Bennett 1999
Cons. Scoreless IP 47.2 Todd Helton vs. 26 Teams 1994
Hits Allowed 169 R.A. Dickey 1995
Runs Allowed 93 R.A. Dickey 1995
Earned Runs 76 R.A. Dickey 1995
Walks Issued 67 Marlyn Tisdale 1999
Walks Per Nine Innings 0.97 Nick Hernandez 2008
Batters Struck Out 154 Luke Hochevar 2005
Wild Pitches 23 Marlyn Tisdale 1999
Hit Batters 17 Jamie Bennett 1999
    R.A. Dickey 1995
Balks 5 Mathew Myers 1997
Pickoffs 17 Mathew Myers 1997
Putouts 557 Ed Lewis 1996
Assists 222 Matt Whitley 1995
Errors 29 Matt Whitley 1995
Passed Balls 13 Ray Espinosa 1996

As of 02/01/10

Career Records

CategoryRecordPlayerYears Played
Games219Michael Rivera2003-06
Average.411Sam Ewing1969-70
At-Bats 793Michael Rivera2003-06
Runs 224Chris Burke1999-2001
Hits 314Chris Burke1999-2001
Singles 199Chris Burke1999-2001
Doubles 72Chris Burke1999-2001
Triples 17Chris Burke1999-2001
Home Runs 38Todd Helton1993-95
RBI 238Todd Helton1993-95
Extra-base Hits 115Chris Burke1999-2001
Total Bases 498Chris Burke1999-2001
Slugging .721Bobby Tucker1970-73
Walks 147Todd Helton1993-95
Hit-by-Pitch 42Alex Suarez2003-05
Strikeouts 165Jeff Christensen1998-2001
Sacrifices 22Bryce Christensen1994-95
Sacrifice Flies 20Todd Helton1993-95
Stolen Bases 145Mike Basse1989-91
Steal Attempts 176Mike Basse1989-91
Wins 38R.A. Dickey1994-96
Losses 20Allen Halliday1988-90
ERA 1.85Jimmy Lee1968-70
Saves 23Todd Helton1993-95
Appearances 85Craig Cobb2004-07
Games Started 54R.A. Dickey1994-96
Complete Games 22Bill Aldridge1976-78
Innings Pitched 434.0R.A. Dickey1994-96
Hits 437Craig Cobb2004-07
Runs 218Craig Cobb2004-07
Earned Runs 185Craig Cobb2004-07
Walks 138Ben Riley2002-04
Strikeouts 380James Adkins2005-07
Wild Pitches 42Wyatt Allen1999-2001
Hit Batters 37R.A. Dickey1994-96
Pickoffs 17Mathew Myers1996-97
Putouts 1,476Todd Helton1993-95
Assists 524Chris Burke1999-2001
Errors 63Stevie Daniel1999-2001

As of 02/01/10

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