June 5, 2005

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Game 6 Postgame Quotes


Head coach Rod Delmonico
"I thought we really played well today, both offensively and defensively. We pitched really well, made some adjustments after the first inning. Everything hit for us today and we were pretty good in all areas. Down the stretch, we have played about as well as we can play. Even when we were up seven or eight runs, we kept playing hard and that will carry over into next week.

"When Eli (Iorg) went down last week (at the SEC tournament), Joey (Andrews) and (Rob) Fitzgerald stepped in and played great and that continued this weekend. Rob has gotten a few more at-bats and is swinging the bat well and we need that because we aren't sure how much Eli will be able to play next week. (Chase) Headley and (Josh) Alley also have played well the last two weeks."

25 Craig Cobb
"I think with the four-spot we put up before I even went out there, I came out a little too relaxed. Then after that I figured if I was going to keep throwing it there, they were going to keep ripping singles and doubles off of me. So then I just beared down and got in a groove. We just kept putting up runs for me and after we did that, I just tried to hit my spots and let my defense work. That's pretty easy when you have 12 runs up on the board."

27 Chase Headley
"Eli (Iorg) is an unreplaceable player, with all the things that he can do. He can hit, hit for power and run, so getting him back in the line-up is huge. We are going to need him next weekend. It was good to see him in there and able to produce.

"I'm sure they (Wichita State) were worn out, but we came ready to play. Anytime you get four runs in the first like that, it helps your momentum and I think all through the lineup we were seeing the ball well.



"From a team standpoint this is what we want to do all year. We want to go to Omaha. It's nice to win this regional, but we know we still have more work to do. We are definitely excited to come out and win, but nobody is too excited. We all know we have more work to do."

13 Josh Alley
"Eli is an unbelievable athlete and a great player, and you can't replace him. But what I think was big and what is special about this team was the way Rob Fitzgerald and Joey Andrews were able to step in and get the job done."


Head coach Gene Stephenson
"My hat goes off to Tennessee. That is a very good team and they hit the ball very well tonight in different situations. They have a lot of power and a lot of guys that can play. Tennessee is such a great program I would like to play them a home and home. I think it would be a wonderful series to get started.

"We never got to leave the field. We had been here since 10:30 this morning and it was a hot son-of-a-gun for everybody. We were just out-manned tonight from the beginning and had been drained three days in a row on the field. In this heat and humidity, that is tough. I told you beforehand we were going to have to get a great performance pitching and if we didn't pitch well we had no chance. We needed to have a good opening performance on the mound tonight and we didn't get it. Once it got to 8-1, it was obvious we were done."

3 Derek Schermerhorn
"I think we were ready to play. Our minds were right; I just think our bodies were worn down playing so many games this weekend. There was no doubt in any of our minds that we thought we could win this game.

"We got down early in the game and kind of pressed and tried to do too much with nobody on base. (Craig Cobb) is a good pitcher, I don't want to take anything away from him. But I thought we pressed a little too much."



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