Through the Lens: Baseball Opening Day

Feb. 20, 2012

Relive the opening day of the 2012 Tennessee baseball season through the lens of UT photographer Wade Rackley. Follow the timeline below for a blow-by-blow account of the day's events.

7:01 AM ET The First to Arrive

Parking attendant Patrick Webber was the first to arrive at Lindsey Nelson Stadium on Opening Day, opening the gate for the parking lot at 7 a.m.

7:51 AM ET Just because it is gameday, doesn't mean class is cancelled

Seniors Zach Osborne and Wes Walker walk to their 8 a.m. class in the Humanities Building.

8:04 AM ET Lone Mower

A member of the grounds crew mows the field in preparation for the afternoon's season opener.

8:22 AM ET Down the Line

A look down the left-field line early Friday morning.

8:24 AM ET Blue Skies, Orange Foul Pole

The new orange foul poles are one of the many new additions that give Lindsey Nelson Stadium a unique look.

8:41 AM ET Finishing Touches

The finishing touches being applied to Lindsey Nelson Stadium as new banners, created by Project Phantom, are hung outside the stadium.

9:05 AM ET Andy and Alison in the Morning

Coach Serrano joins Andy and Alison on the WIVK morning show.

9:45 AM ET Win the Next Pitch

More work from Project Phantom as they work on a wall mural on The Strip

10:52 AM ET Everything is ready to go

The lockers are fully equipped and ready for the team to arrive for the afternoon contest.

1:40 PM ET Getting his hands dirty

UT manager Matt McCoy gets his hands dirty as he rubs the game balls down with a special rubbing mud.

2:00 PM ET First fan through the gates

Paul Steckenrider, the father of UT's opening day starter Drew Steckenrider, is the first fan through the gates of Lindsey Nelson Stadium in 2012.

2:06 PM ET First hot dog sold

It doesn't take long for the first hot dog to be sold after the gates open.

2:17 PM ET View from The Porch

Some of the first fans to enter the stadium in 2012 take in the view from The Porch in left field.

2:33 PM ET Taking some hacks

Senior shortstop Zach Osborne takes some hacks in pregame batting practice.

3:31 PM ET Chalking the lines

With batting practice complete for both teams, the grounds crew begins chalking the lines for the game.

3:36 PM ET Bergeron talks them up

Associate head coach Greg Bergeron talks with a few members of the team before the game.

3:41 PM ET Getting the batter's box ready

Supervised by Jimmy Andes, members of the grounds crew measure out and chalk the batter's box.

3:55 PM ET Coaches meeting

Coach Serrano shakes hands with NIU head coach Ed Mathey in the pre-game coaches meeting at home plate.

4:00 PM ET National Anthem

The team lines up down the first-base line for the national anthem.

4:07 PM ET First Out

Senior Davis Morgan squeezes a pop-up to first for the first out of the 2012 season.

4:14 PM ET First Tennessee Batter is Plunked

Junior Zach Luther is the first Tennessee batter of the season and gets hit by a pitch.

5:11 PM ET He's Safe!

Senior Wes Walker slides in safely at home following a double by freshman Jared Allen in the fifth inning.

5:30 PM ET Record-Breaking Crowd

A school-record for opening day 2,812 fans were on hand for Friday's contest.

5:42 PM ET Osborne at the Plate

Senior Zach Osborne steps up to the plate with Zach Luther on third base in the seventh inning.

5:58 PM ET Touch 'em All!

Junior Drew Steckenrider rounds the bases after launching a solo home run, the second of his career, in the eighth inning.

6:23 PM ET Vols Win!

The Vols congratulate their teammates in the postgame handshake line after finishing off a 7-1 victory.

6:41 PM ET Serrano meets the media

Tennessee head coach Dave Serrano meets with the media following his team's win.

6:55 PM ET Scoreboard says it all

The scoreboard in right field provides the line score for the Volunteer victory.

7:21 PM ET Let's do it again tomorrow!

The grounds crew tarps the field and prepares it for a Saturday doubleheader.





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