Postgame Quotes

Jan. 7, 2004

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"That was a great crowd out there, with school not even going on. The support for our team was outstanding. We came out in both halves playing aggressively. I am excited about the win, the fact our defense picked it up, and the fact we got in some good scoring at the start of each half.

"Scooter McFadgon had a really big night, hitting some 3-pointers, and hustling down court on the breaks, and in the process, C.J. Watson made some good decisions. Boomer Herndon was looking for his shots, and hit a big bucket for us.

"There was a point at which we relaxed a little too much during the game, so I reminded us we needed to stay aggressive all the way through.

"Jonas Hayes and Chris Daniels are tough to defend inside. They can root you out of there. They got some points, but overall we did a good job against them.

"I want us to strive for the killer instinct, to get the crowd behind us even more.

"We had good shots from 3-point range, and didn't have to force them. Our outside players' penetration helped us to have those open shots.

"Georgia is a good team, and a very good test of our progress at this point. I want to see the tape, to find out just how far our defense has come.

"I sent two players to the dressing room during practice yesterday; I want effort. The key for us tonight was our shot selection."

"This is an indication of how vulnerable we are to foul trouble, a reminder we have no room for error. We didn't defend the 3-point shot like we normally do; we didn't play with enough of a sense of urgency tonight.



"We looked like a tired team. They were very efficient against us offensively. It was a tough night all around. We couldn't get a grip on the game. We missed several easy inside shots in the first half, and that hurt us.

"We struggled to make our makeable shots. Tennessee really took it to us.

"I thought Levi Stukes played well. We scored enough to win. We shot 44 percent for the game, and 52 percent in the second half, but we haven't defended very well. We gave up far too many points. They outrebounded us, and we didn't defend it well enough.

"Steve Newman was going against some good people, like Brandon Crump and Jemere Hendrix. He was forcing shots, and needs to be more patient and pass the ball. I don't worry about his confidence. He's a smart guy who will learn from experience."



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