Postgame Quotes: Ole Miss 92, Vols 74

Jan. 9, 2013

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Tennessee Head Coach Cuonzo Martin

(Opening Statement)
"Great job by Ole Miss. I thought those guys played well. Fourteen offensive rebounds. I thought we did a good job in the first half of keeping them off the glass, but those 14 rebounds gave them 25 second-chance points. (Marshall) Henderson show the ball, not just the three, but he did a good job staying aggressive and attacking the rim.

Jordan (McRae) played well again. Very assertive. I thought he did a good job. Jarnell (Stokes) did a good job rebounding and scoring the ball. I think once again Yemi (Makanjuola) played well for the minutes he had. He did a good job of battling and accepting challenges."

(On going to a zone defense in the second half)
"Well, it was really just about trying to get stops and keeping them from going in the lane ... They did a solid job in the second half of attacking the rim. Once again, you have to take pride in your defense. You have to keep your your guy in front of you. I just had to try something different. I didn't really want to have to do it, but it gives us a chance to cut it but we just didn't do a good job boxing out on that end."

(On Henderson and Summers scoring after halftime)
"Once again, Jarvis (Summers), they felt there was an opportunity for him to score the ball. They went to him. That's a guy who averaged seven points a game, then he becomes the focal point of an offense. That's a tough thing to deal with the fifth-leading scorer in the lineup."

(On Hall getting in foul trouble)
"Kenny's a senior. Five fouls. You still have to do your job. Five fouls in 12 minutes. You've got to do your job."

(On allowing Henderson to score 32 points)
"I think as a defender you take pride in guarding guys who are shooters. He does a good job of being active and finding ways to score the basketball. You give him credit, but I just think that who you are as a defender. You take pride in doing those things. You identify your shooters. You bait them. You force them to take tough shots. You don't allow him to get in the lane. You've got to get him in front of you and force him to take shots over you and not get caught by pump fakes. Give him credit on the offensive side of the ball."

(On if McRae will remain in the starting lineup)
"Yes, he'll be in the lineup. I think he's earned it. Not to say Skylar (McBee) hasn't made shots. He still competes but Jordan's earned his way on so he deserves to start."

(On if there are any correlations between high-scoring Memphis and Ole Miss Games)
"I don't think so. In Memphis' case, transition defense and stopping the ball. In this case, containing the ball at half court. Once again, you've just got to take pride in doing it."

(On if he was surprised by back-to-back games with defensive issues)
"Not surprised from the standpoint that you talked about. Two similar teams in ways. Two very similar teams. But once again, in this particular game, defending your home on defense and taking pride and also containing Marshall Henderson ... on the three and containing off the dribble. You've got to make a good move off the dribble to get him on your hip. He makes good moves."

(On Holloway and Buckner)
"It makes it tough. When you've got a couple guys making plays off the dribble and you've got someone like Henderson right there, it really just comes down to a simple fact: you have to guard your man. Keep in front of him and box out."

(On defending 3-pointer)
"I wouldn't say closing out. It was containing the dribble and finishing with a box out. I think out guys did a solid job on the three. On the last one from Marshall Henderson, Josh assumed we had the rebound and went back to him. In the zone, we missed a couple on Jarnell's side. That's not a major concern for me because we're not a zone team but on that last one with Josh, he probably should have stayed with him."

(On Trae Golden)
"I think it's more Trae getting himself ready, back in the rotation, having the confidence to play the way he's capable. I think that's the biggest key. On the defensive side of the ball you have to take pride in defending your man..but I think it's more Trae just getting the confidence, but it's tough when you haven't seen that many games and you haven't been playing the way you're capable of playing, so you start doubting..but Trae should be fine, he's just got to be aggressive and stay focused."

(On moving ahead)
"We keep playing, you're talking 17 games left, most important is the next game. You go out there every game to compete and play hard - those are the things we can control."

(On if the Vols had trouble matching the intensity Ole Miss brought tonight)
"I thought our guys did a good job attacking. Containing the dribble in the paint and guys making shots off of offensive rebounds- that's the thing we struggled with tonight. For us, we didn't do a good job of getting there for the rebound. But credit those guys for getting to the free-throw line."

(On Jarnell Stokes)
"I think he's improving in certain areas, but we gotta get him to the next level."

(On adjustments needed)
"I think we did a good job coming out..It got really physical tonight, and when it's a physical game it's not just about being in the paint..we need to do a better job of establishing ourselves in the paint, holding the box out and then getting back down the court..we need to get there, stay there, control the was a physical game tonight, but that's how the game is played at this level..physically we got tired and lost some of our presence..but we'll keep working hard. I think it will get better, it will get tougher for our guys before it gets better, but it will..I thought we did a good job, and we'll continue to get better."

(On Derek Reese)
"After his surgery he lost 15 pounds, he's still working to rebuild strength..he's got more therapy and more upper-body strength to regain, and when he returns his presence will make a difference..between now and when the season ends, he'll be a lot better."

(On what they team focuses on preparing for the next game)
"Continue to come out aggressive, stay aggressive..we gotta make the easy baskets around the rim."

(On whether the other team got in the player's heads when they controlled the lead)
"I don't think's part of the game.. you have to accept those type of challenges. It's not an easy thing to do, but you have to react and always be ready to get down the court and make the next have to come out and play, some guys talk trash but we have a game to play."

Tennessee Junior Guard Jordan McRae

(On pushing on to the next seventeen SEC games)
"We are not going to think about this game anymore after tomorrow. We are going to learn from it, and probably watch film on it but it is on to the next (game)."

(On what the team needed to do to climb back into the game)
"We were getting the stops we needed to and then (Ole Miss) would get an offensive foul or a rebound. I think we fouled them almost every play going down in the second half and that cannot happen."

(On the way he has played in the last two games)
"I am just trying to be assertive on the offensive end. For me, it is not all about (me), I would rather go back to scoring eight or nine points and winning than this."

(On Coach Martin's message to the team after the game)
"He was just telling us to learn from it. A team can never come in our own floor and win this big. This is something we have got to learn from."

(On the mood in the locker room)
"It was not as much shock as it was mad. Everyone is really disappointed in how we are playing. The thing about it is, is that we are really disappointed in ourselves. It is on us, not on anyone else."

Tennessee Sophomore Forward Jarnell Stokes

(On the difference between this defensive game from other games this season)
"We didn't keep guys out of the lane. That is what it pretty much came down to, this game and last game. The guys were able to drive into the paint that is never good."

(On working with your defense through your pride)
"I think it is pride, but it is also a guy like (Marshall) Henderson he will shoot it at any point. It is so much easier to get into the lane when you are a great shooter like Henderson."

(On whether you consider it an embarrassing game)
"I think that is one of the most embarrassing losses. It is nothing big, at the end of the day it is keeping the guys out of the lane and we can trim down on taking so many threes. Other than that we just need to make shots."

(On moving forward)
"This was definitely a learning experience. I feel like the SEC has so many evenly matched teams and you can get blown out. We feel like we can win every game from here on out. I don't think this game took anyone's confidence, so we should win the next couple of games."

(On the feelings of the visiting team's celebration)
"We let them get off. We knew that he (Henderson) was a good player but we ran him off the three-point line which is what we planned to do. He made plays in the paint. They did a great job rebounding and took a lot more field goal attempts and that team wins the ball game."

Ole Miss Head Coach Andy Kennedy

(Opening Statement)
"I was proud of my guys, they came out and were very aggressive. When I look at the stat sheet, I see we're plus-15 on the glass, which never happens to a Tennessee team. We scored 92 points and didn't even shoot it particularly well, only 4-15 from three. We made foul shots at a very high clip, and that's what you have to do on the road. We didn't make a three until probably the last six or seven minutes of the game, when Marshall (Henderson) sprayed those two threes to take it from 10 to 16. We stuck to the gameplan, which was to stick the ball inside and put pressure on the rim. That's how you win in the SEC, and that's what we did tonight."

(On the Rebels' defensive rebounding)
"It was a clash of Titans, so to speak. Tennessee is second in the SEC in defensive rebound percentage, meaning they rebound a very high percentage of shots that come off of the defense glass. We're a good offensive rebounding team, so we have to do what we do. As I look at the stat sheet, I see 14 offensive rebounds that kept the ball alive and gave us second-chance points. We had to do a good job on our defensive boards, they're also a very good offensive rebounding team. We held them in single-digits (in offensive rebounds).

(On Marshall Henderson's 32 points)
"Marshall finally settled in and made a couple of shots. You look at his numbers, he scores 32 points but he goes 8-19 (from the field), 3-12 (from three-point range). It's his first road game in SEC play. I thought we were a little anxious early and once we settled down in the second half, we were able to get some separation."

(On having two players, Buckner and Holloway, with double-doubles)
"If that Reginald Buckner shows up, then the Rebels are going to be a handful for a lot of people. He goes for 13 points, 15 rebounds, was a presence at the rim, goes 7-9 at the foul line. Then his cohort Murphy Holloway, who I didn't start, because we have a silly little rule that if you don't practice he day before I can't start you. Murphy didn't practice yesterday, he could barely move in shootaround, he's had a sinus issue, migraine headaches, but he goes 15 (points) and 12 (rebounds), and that's what you need your seniors to do."

(On hosting Missouri next)
"I heard Coach (Nick) Saban after the National Championship talk about his 24-hour rule, you get 24 hours when you have seven days between games, we've got three days. We're going to give this about 12 hours. We're going to land, get a good night's rest and get up in the morning and turn our focus to Missouri."





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