Jan. 10, 2007

Recap |  Box Score

Tennessee Head Coach Bruce Pearl

"This was a difficult game to lose. It was a great basketball game. Whoever lost the game, it would have been difficult. Both teams played hard and really well at times. Our offensive rebounding in the second half was significant. In the second half, Vanderbilt had [12] offensive rebounds. You can also point to our free throw shooting. I thought out kids rallied in a tough environment. Vanderbilt has a lot of juniors and seniors playing and we had a lot of younger guys step up tonight."

On the End of the Game:
"We had two fouls to give and were able to foul once. Vanderbilt ran a similar play that we ran against Wichita State. We were trying to keep the ball in front. Vanderbilt ran a nice play and Chris [Lofton] wasn't in a position to foul. We weren't trying to foul the shooter; we were trying to foul on the catch to wind the clock down."

On Tennessee's Defense:
"We physically haven't been able to put it at people defensively. Vanderbilt got really good looks and scored on them. They scored 82 points and shot 50 percent from the field and out-rebounded us. Those were all reasons we didn't win the game."

Tennessee Freshman forward Duke Crews:

"They got a good look at the basket at the end and they were able to get it to go down. We weren't able to make the defensive stop when we needed it the most."

"We played in a hostile environment and I think this shows that it is tough to go out and win in these types of hostile environments in the SEC. We have to lay tougher to win."

"They ran some really good cuts and some really good plays tonight. We were prepared but we just had some breakdowns that allowed them some opportunities."

On Vanderbilt being granted a timeout late...
"I thought that we had held them to a five-second count. When the referee blew the whistle I thought that was the call that he was going to make. I was surprised when he pointed to their bench."



"It was a game that we could have won and so that is disappointing. But they got a good luck at the end of the game and so you have to give them credit."

"We are going to have to play tougher. We know that. But we just have to focus on what is ahead, play hard and get some wins.

On the UT-Vanderbilt rivalry...
"It is a big rivalry so it hurts to lose this one tonight. This is my first time playing in it, but I could tell from the environment tonight that it is a big rivalry."

Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

(On winning the game):
"It was a pretty good game. We're obviously happy to have won. I guess that's what rivalry games are all about. Somebody wins on the last play and tonight we had the last play. We scored, they scored, and then we scored again. I thought Derek was sensational. We're excited about this win. We obviously needed to win this one badly. This one certainly feels good. It was a fun evening. Another magical evening in Memorial."

(On the last play):
"I drew it up just the way it happened. Good thing my assistant talked me out of the other one. Ross made a terrific pass. I didn't think Derek was open, but he got the ball and went to the basket."

"They had a foul to give. We had to do something attacking the basket or they foul us before we do anything else. We didn't have any timeouts left. We wanted to do something going at the basket. Derek was our first choice. I'm not sure what I'd be sitting here saying if we didn't get that rebound."

(On the players' mood after the game):
"It's funny the things that players will repeat. The first thing I heard in the locker room after all the shouting and yelling, was Ross said `most games are won on tip-ins' - which is something I tell them all the time. Fortunately, Shan was right there."

Senior Swingman Derrick Byars

(On the last play):
"Coach wanted me to set a back screen on Lofton, and it was going to go to Shan if it was there. It wasn't so Alex set a screen for me. I didn't think the pass was there, but Ross threaded the needle, I just went to the rim. I just got it up there on the rim and luckily Shan was there."

(On what the team can build from this game):
"Definitely the big plays from everybody that we made from guys like Ted, Ross, Alan. Games like this, it just shows your resolve, and that's definitely something we can build from."

(On getting open lay-ups):
"That's a credit to my team. They set physical screens and I was open."

Senior Swingman Shan Foster

(On the final play):
"A lot of games are won on tip-ins. I saw Derek go to the basket and I had no intentions of him missing that shot. When it did, my first thought was getting it up there on the rim before time ran up and luckily it went in."

(On the atmosphere):
"We have a great crowd a great fan base. It definitely helped to have that sixth defender out there. They do a great job. When you know you have that many fans out there it gives you the confidence to go out there and make plays."

Senior guard Dan Cage

(On his shooting):
"I felt like every single one was going in. I got frustrated because I had two that I thought were good and I missed them. As a shooter you remember the ones you miss and not the ones you make so much. Gosh what a game to be a part of, I'm just thankful for the team for us being able to pull this out."

"It's tough to say any game is a must win in January. We could lose six in a row if we're going win the last 10, but that's not very likely in a conference like ours. This is an in-state rivalry. We kind of have a grudge, after they swept us last year. We dropped one on Saturday we felt we could have won, so to beat a legitimate team like Tennessee is a boost to head out onto the road and play a tough Georgia squad.



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