Postgame Quotes: Vols 78, Auburn 67

Jan. 15, 2014

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Tennessee Head Coach Cuonzo Martin

(Opening Statement)
"Good win. Win number 2 in the league play. I thought we did a better job both halves offensively - especially in the second half, getting baskets around the rim, getting scoring opportunities and driving the ball. I didn't want the guys to start settling for 3 point shots, because in this game I felt that there was an opportunity to score it in the lane, to be able to drive our post feeds.

"Jarnell did a good job shooting free throws. Five starters in double figures. I thought we did a good job facilitating the ball, dribble penetration. We've got to correct that turnover situation. I think we're a little too loose with the ball and we're giving those guys opportunities on the other end. We have to get better in that area.

"Give Chris Denson and KT (Harrell) credit - two guys that are scoring the ball and are legitimate scorers. I've watched a lot of film on those guys. Two of the better scorers. Obviously, you've got two guys hovering around twenty points per game and shooting almost 50 percent. I don't care where you're playing, this is one of the best leagues for athleticism and talent. Those guys are legitimate scorers. We try to do our best job corralling them but they still make plays, so give them credit. But it was a good win for our guys."

(On if he was disappointed with the defense)
"I wouldn't necessarily say 'disappointed.' Sometimes you have to give credit where it's due. I thought our guys did a solid job, but not a great job corralling the ball. They key for us is to corral the ball and making other guys beat you, but they put their heads down. With new rules, it benefits guys like that. You can slash and attack the rim, and Denson is one of those guys that can really slash and attack, and if you touch him it's a foul. You've go to do the best job in really trying to keep him in front of you. You've got to give those guys credit. I wouldn't necessarily say our guys did a poor job. Sometimes you've got to give credit where it's due."

(On keeping composure)
"I couldn't tell you what goes on in the peripherals, so I couldn't tell you what goes on in the crowd as far as that's concerned. For us, it's locked in on the floor and the flow of the game. I just think it's making plays. Tony does a good job of getting those guys competing, fighting. Who wants to finish last in the league, you know? Those guys are fighting and balanced. They were trying to do everything in their power to win the ball game. I don't think our guys get consumed with that, at least I don't think so. We've got play a ball game. All that other stuff doesn't matter."

(On Jordan McRae)
"We were just helping him calm down. I didn't think he had good composure in the first half. Just telling him to calm down and relax. Just let the game come to him and be aggressive and get opportunities to score. I thought he settled down in the second half. I didn't think it was on of his job defensively, and I thought he settled down in the second half so he made the adjustment and we put him on the point guard to keep him on the floor. He did a better job."

(On scoring balance)
"It helps when you've got balance like that to score the ball, getting space and you're making your free throws. Anytime you're shooting over 50 percent from the field, it helps you. But we've got limit those turnovers. You've got to give yourself a chance to dominate games. We're not helping ourselves turning the ball over."

(On Josh Richardson)
"They started out in a triangle and two. We've seen it all season. When Josh made his shot, it opened things up. Then we ran an offense that we normally run against a triangle and two so it opened things up and just play the game. For us, again, is trying to pound that ball inside because we felt like there were opportunities, whether they were playing the zone or get the ball to the high post, or dribble penetration. Opportunities presented themselves, and we took advantage of it."

(On bouncing back)
"As a staff we thought it would be a really tough thing. Let's just get out and play. As long as those days linger on, it gets tougher and tougher. Even in practice, we were there but the energy and the emotion was not at the level it normally is. To their defense, I can understand. I felt the same way. You have to muster up the energy to bounce back and get ready to go. But this was to get over the hump and back on your grind."

(On Bernard King)
"He talked to the guys yesterday. He talked about being good teammates, playing hard, working on your craft, continue to become better basketball players. It was more about being a team and the guys really appreciate what he gave. I spent an hour and a half with him before practice just acknowledging and understanding his approach to the game- his mental preparation. You can learn a lot from a guy like this. It's always good to have former players back. For me it doesn't matter if he's a great player, role player, walk-on, it's all the same-it's family. It's always good to have them around."

(On executing plays)
"I think a little bit of both- maybe some breakdown. I don't think our big guys did a great job of cutting that baseline off when they were making plays. Then I have to watch film to be exact, but our guards did a good job of trying to chorale the ball, but it was the second big to cut it off. They were making plays- they were slashing. As a big, you don't want to get fouled. Any bump, it can be a call. I didn't think that second big did a good job of making that rotation whether it was cutting off the base or getting in the lane."

(On rotations)
"In most cases it might be the way it is. What happens is, we don't go into a game and say how many- I never do that. I get a feel- see the approach, see the mindset, what's needed. You might need a guy with a level of toughness. It might be a different guy. You're trying to win ballgames. You prepare to win ballgames."

(On Jarnell Stokes)
"I think what helped him- you talk about a guy who came in at 278, 273 [pounds], now he's down to 260 pounds, might be under that. He really conditioned his body to be able to do that. You have to give him credit for that. You practice to play long minutes to be in the game. If that means 40 minutes, you have to play 40 minutes."

"I think his shoulder was better. To his defense, he's not a guy that is going to complain about it. His shoulder- it's a legitimate issue. I thought it was better tonight with rehab, ice. He was able to be more aggressive. I think that was the case."

(On Derek Reese)
"He goes to get rebounds. He's still working to get better. He can make a shot from the perimeter. He understands what's going on out there. That's the whole thing -you have to be able to get rebounds. It can't just be Jarnell [Stokes] and Jeronne [Maymon]- he'll go on and get his nose dirty."

(On Kentucky preparation)
"You talk about a league team- a very talented league team. I haven't watched film with a pen and a pad on them, because my focus is obviously Auburn, but I'll start that tomorrow morning , start breaking down film- analyzing. One of our assistant coaches already scouts them, so he has a game plan, but for me I have to watch these four or five pieces of film."

(On AJ Davis)
"Not at all. I think in AJ's case, I think he had an ankle injury. Fifty-fifty on whether or not he could have played. If we would have put him out there, he would've tried to battle. I think Armani [Moore] will definitely be in the rotation. I felt like that lineup tonight was a lineup. I thought those guys were solid with the body language- guys didn't seem fatigued when they came out of the game, so we just rolled with it."

(On bouncing back after a loss)
"I thought we were good as far as the energy and emotion as players tonight. Leading up into the practices I didn't think we were emotionally and immensely at the level we needed to be because of that tough loss. I think our guys will be back on the grind after this. You get it off your back and continue to push forward. League play- you're talking about 18 games. You learn from it and get ready to rumble on Saturday."

Tennessee Senior Guard Jordan McRae

(On putting the A&M game behind them)
"It was, you know we wanted to start off SEC games with a win, in a while we just had to realize it was a long season and being 2-1 coming into Saturday we are feeling good about ourselves. Of course no loss would have helped. "

(On playing in Rupp Arena)
"Yeah, I mean its fun playing in a hostile environment but its only fun if we win but it's still fun."

(On thoughts of Kentucky's team)
"Yeah, they're a good team. They are their usual Kentucky team. They are going to be tough to beat at home but I think we can manage."

(On shooting 50% about as a team)
"We moved the ball well, finding guys, open shots, making the extra passes. Even the missed shots were some good shots, we just did a good job."

Tennessee RS Senior Forward Jeronne Maymon

(On the Stokes' and Maymon's big night)
"We want to be a dominate force on both ends rebounding and being assistive on the offensive end so we look for each other and we play well while our team plays well."

(On Stoke and Maymon playing well for a win at Kentucky)
"Most definitely, if we can get the inside game going it will really open up for our outside game. When we both can start clicking on the inside and outside I think it will be a good game."

(On Auburn cutting the lead within 5 points with 3-4 minutes left)
"Get a stop and huddle. We said how many stops could we get in a row; our main focus was just to go out there and get stops. "

(On A&M crossing their minds)
"Not at all. The A&M loss was bad, we felt real bad about that but we don't expect teams who lose a close came to come and think about that because that's how you end up losing more games."

(On containing Auburn guards, in particular, Denson)
"Those guards were very shifty so it was very hard to contain those guards. They do a really good job of attacking the rim and finishing so kudos to them."

(On outrebounding the opponent)
"It was just toughness. We went in there strong, boxed out hard and drove them back so I think that really gave us the edge. Plus our guards rebound down so that really helped."

Tennessee Junior Guard Josh Richardson

(On playing closer in second half)
"They did a great job of playing hard, and they stayed in the game the entire second half. They had small runs, but we had the same thing. I feel like that is a testament to our experience."

(On shooting during the first half)
"They were just leaving me open, so it was easy shots."

(On lack of scoring in second half)
"I guess I just wasn't getting looks. I am just glad we won."

(On this being a confidence builder for Saturday's game)
"It definitely is because we were able to redeem ourselves from last game. Going on the road with a win is a high note for us."

(On guarding Harrell and Denson)
"It was tough. KT Harrell is one of the best scorers in the league. That is always a tough cover. Chris Denson did a good job of getting to the rack and using his quickness against us. I guarded Denson a little in the first half but not much."

(On allowing Auburn to stay close)
"They did a good job of staying in the game and getting good looks. It wasn't a big concern, but we just have to do a better job of maintaining our lead."

(On turning point in energy for practices this week)
"I would say those last one or two days of practice. We brought the guys together and told them not to dwell on the last game. We have to bounce back this next week."

(On starting five all having double digits)
"It is definitely nice. It shows how much balance we have, and it shows how many weapons we have on the court. People can't double up anybody or help too deep because we are just going to make them pay for it every time."

Tennessee Sophomore Guard Derek Reese

(On not playing earlier this season)
"It was really frustrating that I wasn't play, but I knew that I needed to improve my playing and be more consistent. Coaches were telling me I needed to be more consistent in practice. I had to keep working hard, stay in the weight room, and make shots. That is what I really focused on in practice."

(On playing confident)
"Coach always talks about being confident. You can't lose your confidence because if you do, you aren't going to play well. My strategy is that every shot I take, I am going to make it."

(On outrebounding larger teams)
"I give thanks to Nick, our strength coach, for getting us prepared and strong enough to go out there and battle with them."

(On Auburn's late run)
"I felt like we needed to relax in that situation. We realized they were trying to come back. We had to keep our composure and relax. We knew we could stop them on defense."

(On having a situational scorer like McRae)
"It is really big. We need that from him. It is good that he steps up."

(On mood in practice this week)
"We had a feeling it was going to be tough practices. It was just like a regular practice. It wasn't too bad. We knew that we let one go. We came ready and prepared to practice hard the next day."

Auburn Head Coach Tony Barbee

(Opening Statement)
"Playing Tennessee is a tough team in a tough environment. They made the plays, their free throws and their big guys made the difference in this game with their presence, getting offensive rebounds inside and getting to the foul line."

(On the guards dominating the scoring for Auburn)
"It's not so much scoring, but its rebounding presence. I thought Asauhn (Dixon-Tatum) did a good job rebounding the basketball, given the size they had in the paint. We needed more rebounding the ball from Matt (Atewe), we needed more rebounding the ball out of Allen Payne, and I talked about it, our guards ended up with two rebounds, three rebounds, no rebounds, we were losing. When you look at the stat sheet, that's what happened. I think our leading guard as a rebounder had three."

(On cutting the lead to four but not getting closer)
"We couldn't come up with key stops. They got to the foul line and made their shots. We couldn't get the stops when we needed to."

(On if he was disappointed after coming close against Missouri)
"Its disappointing, obviously. Any time you lose it's disappointing, especially given how hard this team fights, how hard they fight together. We're going to be fine because this is a hard-nosed team that sticks together."





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