Tennessee vs. Louisville Quotes

Jan. 22, 2005

Recap |  Box Score

Tennessee Coach Buzz Peterson

"We just ran out of gas. I should have put the starters on the bench early to give them some rest. I thought we sucked it up. Putting guys in situations they haven't been in a while and I felt like I could control the game offensively. They took some quick shots and we just ran out of gas."

(on being up three points with around 13:00 left in the game) "I thought we were right there. When we were up three, I thought we were in good shape but I should have subbed much earlier in the second half and got some guys in there to save the starters towards the end. What happened during their run, you go back to the time outs that we called early in the first half with their press and that hurt in second half since we did not have many left to call. Then I could not control the game during their run."

(on the loss of Brandon Crump) "It is really frustrating. The timing isn't good since we are in conference play and the time of the year. He will be reevaluated tomorrow once the swelling goes down. I am going on the assumption he's out (for the short term) . We'll see what we can do without him. We will have to identify some different roles for some of the other players. Brandon was playing well as of late.

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino

"Our defense in the first half was not what we were used to. We wanted to come out it the second half and play the defense we played all year. We were rebounding well but we were just not patient in getting some good looks. BJ (Brandon Jenkins) Francisco (Garcia) played great in the second half and Ellis (Myles) did a terrific job."

(on Ellis Myles) "He did a great job. A day before, he wasn't going to practice. We were actually just hoping to get him back for the Marquette game. But he said It felt a lot better yesterday. He did the cardio stuff early and then he practiced the whole practice. I wanted him to get over the fear over playing with the injury."



(on Otis George) "It helps out rotations to have Otis come in. He's still not in shape; he gets winded easily. Anybody who gets beat (on defense), Otis is in their lap. He forces everyone to rotate properly. He is always reading and always helping. He makes us better. Tello (Palacios) is not a great defensive player and in high school he played no defense. To go from zero to 60-70 percent (defensively) is pretty good."

(on the team) "We are playing better basketball. We are doing little things better. We are pressing better and more intelligently. You are not just running at the guy. In the first half, they were hurting us with the pick and roll and shooting within 10 feet."

(on the recent four-game series with Tennessee) "We've had three great games and two of the three they outplayed us but we had a big run at the end. We beat them three times by seven points. They are better basketball team than they showed today as they played without (Brandon) Crump. He is a big low post presence for them."



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