Postgame Quotes: Arkansas 73, Vols 60

Feb. 2, 2013

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(Opening Statement)
"We talked about being able to handle the press coming into this game. Dealing with their offense, getting across the court and executing your offense. They did a good job of really pressuring. Whether they got steals in the backcourt or not, they did a good job of keeping pressure on the ball. They forced us to make tough plays off the dribble, tough passes and also tough post-entries. I thought Kenny Hall and Jarnell Stokes - when they got the ball - did a really good job of establishing a presence down there and being assertive. But give those guys credit for finding a way to win a game at home and being able to compete."

(On attacking the rim)
"That was the biggest key. Once you get over the top, you want to attack and be aggressive. Now if you don't have the opportunities, you don't want to shoot quick. They key is to be able to go inside to your big guys and I thought we did a good job of establishing our big guys and when they got opportunities to score the basketball."

(On Arkansas starting Michael Qualls)
"He played well. I saw him in the Alabama game and I think he was 4-of-5 from the field. He did a good job of knocking that 15- to 17-foot shot down. But he plays hard and he competes so I thought it was a good move for him."

(On halftime adjustments)
"It was really just settling down and taking care of the basketball. That's the most important thing... being able to handle the pressure. As a guard, you have to be able to handle the pressure, make plays and then attack the rim. Whatever play you call - if there is pressure - the best way to relieve it is to get to the rim."

(On the first few possessions of the second half)
"I think they trapped Armani (Moore) on the first play and then on the second play he just didn't get it across the court. I think Josh went out of bounds on the third play."

(On how Arkansas defended Jordan McRae)
"I'm not sure they did anything specific. I thought they did a solid job of guarding him. They kept bodies on him, pressured him and forced him to make plays off the dribble as oppose to getting catch and shoot shots."

(On Arkansas' BJ Young)
"He knocked down two key 3s, but he did a good job of trying to get to the rim. That's the biggest key. He scored some baskets in transition and I've seen him for a long time. If you allow him to get baskets in transition. It's going to be a long night for you. He's always got his head up and is able to make plays from there."

(On ball-handling issues)
"You've got to be able to handle the pressure. That's the biggest key. From the bench, you see opportunities, but I'm not on the floor. You've got to get the ball over the top and attack the rim."

(On Bud Walton Arena)
"It was my second trip here. It's a nice arena with a great atmosphere."

(On Arkansas' play at home compared to on the road)
"I just think they're a good team. When you win road games, it's metal, it's going through it and leadership from those older guys. And just finding ways to get one once you get over the mental hump. They have the pieces to do it. You have to go through it."

(On trying to get stops in the final minutes)
"They made plays... I think Young might have made a play off the dribble. Just really sitting down and getting stops when you need to. That's the most important thing and we talked about for a long time. They made the plays to win the game."


(On his 2nd half performance)
"I felt like I was in the flow of the game. I was feeling pretty good out there. It was just my will."

(On Arkansas' style of defense)
"It's frustrating, but it's nothing we haven't seen before. We've played against running teams, teams that press and like to trap. It's just effective. We just have to get it done on the road and cut down our turnovers."

(On attacking the press)
"We just have to get more confident and more aggressive attacking the press. We'll allow teams to either speed us up or make us turn the ball over. We're too worried about turning the ball over sometimes and too worried about what we're going to hear if we do turn it over. We just have to be more mentally tough on the road. We do it good at practice. We just have to go out there and have fun. It's basketball. It's not something we've never seen before."

(On Arkansas' Marshawn Powell)
"He's a good player. He was definitely one of the guys we had to key on during the scout. That's what leaders and good players for your team do. They disrupt things for the opponent and he made plays."





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