Postgame Quotes: Georgia 78, Vols 68

March 2, 2013

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(Opening Statement)
"Give Georgia credit for competing and playing hard. They really worked in order to get the 50-50 balls. We got off to a slow start and didn't have spacing offensively. Give those guys credit for double-teaming Jarnell (Stokes), taking the ball out of his hand and making it tough on him. We left a couple guys open and just didn't capitalize on certain plays."

(On the performances of Trae Golden and Jarnell Stokes)
"I think in Jarnell's case it was sending the double-team at him and getting him off-balance that way. Trae Golden just didn't make his shots."

(On Georgia's defense)
"We knew there were certain guys they would guard. That's why we went with Skylar McBee in the second half and it loosened up. He missed some shots, but I thought he had some good looks. They didn't really defend Armani Moore and Josh (Richardson). Those guys are really drivers. You've got to be able to make a shot and make a play."

(On the team's energy level)
"We didn't play as well as we needed to play and I think a lot of that has to do with making shots, getting stops and feeling good about yourself. It was one of those up and down games, we couldn't really get into a flow."

(On Jordan McRae)
"I thought he had the opportunity to score the ball. I thought he hit some big 3s. He made some spot-up 3s, but I thought he made some good and tough 3-pointers. He did a good job also attacking the rim and trying to make plays."

(On if the team over relied on McRae)
"I don't think so... I thought Skylar had some looks that just didn't fall. I thought Josh had some opportunities to drive the basketball. Give Jordan credit, he made some tough shots."

(On offensive balance)
"If you don't have Trae, Jordan and Jarnell being productive offensively - whether they score a lot of points or are involved in the offense getting rebounds and other things - then it's going to be tough. Those are guys we rely on. Skylar is a spot-up shooter. Kenny Hall I thought did a good job coming off the bench. We expect Josh and Armani to be a slasher and rebounder type guy, but you need Trae, Jordan and Jarnell to be productive offensively."


(On his personal performance)
"We lost so the personal stuff - whatever it may be - goes out the window. We just have to do a better job starting out the game."

(On the difference today and recent games)
"They did a good job of packing it in the lane. Every time we tried to drive it was like driving into a wall. There was nowhere to go. especially for Jarnell. We tried to get him touches, but they weren't sending two, they were sending like three at him. It was tough."

(On what he was thinking after fouling out)
"I definitely didn't want to be out of the game for the last couple minutes. It's frustrating to watch our team drop one like this."

(On what was riding on this game)
"I don't pay attention to all the bubble talk. We still have a chance so we just need to take it one game at a time and worry about Auburn on Wednesday. We'll keep moving forward."

(On the difficulty of having balance when he's on)
"When you're going like that, Coach Martin does a good job of trying to call plays for you. Even if he calls my number, sometimes I'll still try to make things happen for Jarnell, Skylar or whoever."

(On Georgia's balance late in the game)
"I don't think it was that. We just have to do a better job of executing on offense and getting better spacing."


(On only getting touches outside)
"I felt like sometimes I had to do that in order to get the ball. When I sealed, it was hard for them to double the ball. That just seemed like the only way I would get it."

(On Georgia beating the Vols three times during his career)
"They had a good defensive gameplan against us. It had a lot to do with their defense. They pushed the ball in transition and in this game we didn't do it like we have been."

(On not capitalizing on McRae's big game)
"Jordan has been bringing it a lot. The other guys, including myself, have to step up on the offensive end. Even if I'm getting double-teamed I still have to make plays."

(On UGA keeping him off the offensive glass)
"In the first half, they sent two in order to block me out, but they didn't do that in the second half. There were a lot of tipped balls and their guards came in and rebounded the ball as well. That smaller lineup of theirs got a lot of rebounds. We needed to come collectively as a group and rebound, not just me and another man, but all five."





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