UT-Brevard Postgame Quotes

Nov. 3, 2010

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"This was our first opportunity at a game-day routine. Brevard did some good stuff. They ran some good ball-screens that really challenged us on the perimeter. They got some good looks from 3. They missed some shots, but the stuff they ran was challenging for us. It was a good exercise for us from that standpoint. I thought on the offensive end, we were OK in transition. There's a lot we can learn from there. We got the ball inside a few times, but we were very patient early.

"Our point guards didn't have a turnover. Melvin Goins showed what he can do defensively and really jump-started our defense. We tried to press and created tempo but not many turnovers. I thought we would press a little more effectively than we did.

"John Fields is going to get that shot block single-game record, which is only six. He's going to get that. He had some nice moments out there and had a nice presence out there. The thing about our depth, it's interesting. You've got 14 good players. Cameron (Tatum) has been out. Josh (Bone) has been out and just came back. Brian (Williams) has been out and came back two days ago. Kenny Hall gets hurt yesterday. So all of a sudden you're down to 10 or 11 guys. Once they all get healthy, the determining factor on who will play will be who can defend and who can rebound. We had some rebounding glitches. So we've got a ways to go.

"I thought with Trae (Golden), the pace of the game offensively is going to be fine with him. He's good on the fast break. He's a good passer. He knocked down the open shot. He's comfortable offensively. Defensively, he's going to have to keep guys in front of him. That's going to be a challenge. But I think Trae can play a little better. One of the reasons I'm saying that is this is the first time we've seen our freshmen. What you saw was OK. It's not representative because I think Trae can play better.

"Jordan McRae, same thing. Jordan has played a lot better than he played tonight. First-game jitters. He was maybe trying to do a little too much and was getting yelled at by a coach more tonight than he does in practice. The stuff they did early was good. He got a little frustrated out here. He still had seven rebounds, and you could see him play. He's a really good player.

"Tobias (Harris) was Tobias. He's just solid. He finishes around the basket. He can put the ball on the floor well in transition. He moves well for a big guy. He had a couple of unforced turnovers there. I thought Tobias was fairly representative of what we've been seeing. When he got to the foul line, he could have done a little better. He's really unique as a freshman. He's such a mature kid. He has a nice presence. He's got high expectations of himself."


"I am very proud of our guys tonight. I thought we competed for 40 minutes, and I am very proud of that. We just could not seem to get the ball to go through the hoop. We got a lot of shots that were our shots. Obviously, you're not going to beat many people when you shoot 23 percent from the floor. This was a big stage for us; it is little intimidating coming in here, and obviously they are a great basketball team. They are big and long.

"I am proud of the team for the way they competed. We will not see pressure like that. We will not see athleticism like that the rest of the year. I am very encouraged by what we saw tonight.

"Tennessee has the best athleticism, length and size that we will see all season. So, we saw some good things tonight with our ability to run the offense and get our shots off. We missed a boatload of shots from three feet in. Our shots will not be challenged like they were tonight the rest of the season. There is not a Brian Williams or a John Fields in our league."





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