UT-Indianapolis Postgame Quotes

Nov. 8, 2010

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"Obviously, we're disappointed with the progress we've made, or lack of progress. The first half went about as I would expect it to go short of not doing a better job on the foul line and having way too many unforced turnovers. We should have had a much more commanding lead. In the second half, they got off at 11-0 and then 22-3. We were in a situation where we had two of the quickest kids on the floor both for Indianapolis, (Adrian) Moss and (Darius) Adams. They're going to spread the floor and run the shot clock down, and we've got nobody to guard them.

"What you saw Indianapolis do to us was using our system - taking the fast break, being patient in the half court, and then breaking it down in the end. They run cutters except they ran it better than we do. They were patient. They had a purpose out there. They had chemistry. They were better coached. They knew exactly what they wanted to do and how to execute their game plan.

"Defensively, we didn't have a great effort or great energy. All of that is my fault. We've got to put that all on the coach. I've got to get them ready to play. And I've got to get them excited about playing. Indianapolis was much more excited about playing Tennessee, and it showed.

"Tobias Harris was the only inside presence that we had offensively. We had advantages on the inside, and we didn't take advantage on the inside. They drove the ball and got to the rim. We had very few guys who put the ball on the floor and created off the bounce. We've got a lot of work to do with a lot of new guys. You can see first-hand some of the challenges that we face.

"We've had a hard time getting the ball into the post and had a hard time holding the ball in the post. Brian Williams and John Fields were each 1-for-1, but they each had three turnovers. So that's six turnovers to try and get the ball in there some way. Now we had some offensive fouls and some other things. That's a concern. Who do you throw the ball to? Tobias was very comfortable getting the ball inside to him.

"I think what happens is when you get down like we did, panic sets in and you see guys taking shots and making plays and launching 3s. Indianapolis goes to the foul line 40 times; we go to the foul line 27 times. Their guards shot 30 free throws because our guards couldn't guard them. Once they started off and made that run, they were in control of the tempo of the game. The more you extend and trap, the more you play into their hands."


"It was a great win for our guys going into the season. I am proud of our guys because we got better in each game of this preseason. I wanted to throw us into the fire early. A lot of people talked about our schedule with Purdue, Southern Illinois, and Tennessee all in a three-week span. The only way you are going to get good is to play the best; I thought we played three quality basketball teams that are going to prepare us for a tough conference. I am proud of our guys because we got better each game."

Regarding what Bruce Pearl said to him following the game: "He thought we did a great job of controlling the game. He told me he was proud of me, proud of how our team was doing compared to the last two years - and that means a lot coming from my mentor, the guy who gave me the chance to get myself together. I owe a lot to him. I told him also that this was the toughest win I have ever had, because I could not get too excited. I felt like I was beating my dad. He is like a dad to me. I have tremendous respect for him."

Regarding halftime comments: "We did not have to make too many adjustments. We just wanted to control the clock and control the game a little bit on the offensive end. My biggest thing is poise and patience on offense, and all-out on defense, and we did that. We did a great job rebounding and keeping them off the offensive boards. And we played zone. I told Coach (Pearl) earlier today we were going to play some zone. We have never practiced it; I just threw it out there to the guys and it worked out."





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