UT-Chattanooga Postgame Quotes

Nov. 13, 2010

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"Our defensive effort was really good. Chattanooga has a really good ball-screen offense. I thought that our guys did a pretty good job defending the ball-screen offense. They shot 26 percent from 3 and 33 percent from the field. I thought our defense was good. The fact that we had 35 defensive rebounds and they had seven offensive rebounds was significant. We didn't give them many second shots. We were a little bit more physical. I thought our fast break was good. I thought our point guards did extremely well advance-passing the ball.

"I thought Melvin Goins had a terrific game defensively. He was a real factor out there. He really picked us up. He shot it well and played extremely well. Tobias (Harris) is special. He's super solid. A good coach will get him more shots and our coaches will try to get him some more looks. He's just a very efficient player.

"We made progress but we've got a long way to go. We need to do a good job of scoring at the five position. Between Kenny (Hall), John (Fields) and Brian (Williams), we need to find someone to throw the ball to inside and get a basket in a situation that's not an offensive rebound or a real easy one. So I'm going to challenge those guys to do that.

"I thought John Fields was really effective. His energy was terrific. He made some good plays. It was a terrific debut for some of those new guys."

On what he told the team prior to the game

"The same thing I always say. I talked about the game plan. I talked about the fact that Chattanooga is a really, really good offensive team. I didn't know what kind of team they were. I thought they were a good offensive team. I thought they were confident they could score. I wanted to take that away from them. I'm not sure going in how our confidence was, but I knew we could defend them. And they were a confident offensive team."

On Melvin Goins' leadership

"He had great energy. He picked us up defensively. I asked him to relax a little bit. Melvin is probably our greatest competitor. He's a good leader, but he's a great competitor. I think he's too hard on himself. I asked him to relax offensively, just relax. He plays better when he's relaxed."

On if he wants Tobias Harris to be more assertive

"No. I don't want him to be more assertive because I don't want him to force things. I thought he made some really good decisions. We probably need to put it in his hands a little more so we can spread it around."

On Scotty Hopson's foul trouble

"If you're in a stance and alert and solid, you won't pick up cheap fouls. Teams are going to go at him. Scotty is a difference maker. He can do things out there on the floor that nobody else can do. Without Scotty, it's going to be very difficult to beat the best teams on our schedule. They're going to come after him. Chattanooga didn't come after Scotty today. He got himself in some foul trouble."


"We didn't play very well. I mean, we just didn't play very well. Bruce (Pearl) said we were hard to guard, but the ball has to go in the basket. We are kind of hard to guard, but we did not make any shots.

"It used to be defend-defend-defend, even if you were not making shots. It is not like that anymore. It's sad, but that ball has got to go in for you to have energy to keep on guarding and defending on the other end.

"This wasn't an end-all; this is a process. We were very poor defensively. Our goal coming in was let's make Tennessee beat us from the 3-point-line. Well, we are not going to get beat in the paint and we are not going to get beat from the foul line - that is the John Shulman way. They scored 15 points from the 3-point-line, and they scored 57-points from the paint and the foul line."





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