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Nov. 14, 2003

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TENNESSEE HEAD COACH Buzz Peterson: "I was not happy with the way we came out and started the game. We were sluggish and did not have any spark. But Brandon Crump stepped up; he was very active. So was Major Wingate, when he came into the game.

"We have an awful lot of things we still need to work on. The final score was misleading tonight. We won't be scoring 114 points during the regular season. As I told our team, the exhibition season is over and now we need to concentrate on the real stuff.

"I gave them a couple of days off over this weekend, and then we will refocus starting Monday and turn our attention to Wofford for Friday's game. We have been averaging about one and half passes on offense before shooting because we have been getting some wide open looks. But once the regular season gets under way, we will be passing it around a lot more.

"I was pleased the All-Stars used the zone defense quite a bit. We weren't sharp against it at the start, but we got better as we went along. We had 81% free throw shooting tonight, and I am happy with that. We've been focusing upon that in practice, and I am really pleased with our improvement.

"We still have a lot of concerns, including doing a good, solid job of boxing out, and also making the adjustments we need to make within our defense. I tried to get Boomer Herndon some minutes tonight in hopes of building up his confidence.

"I am excited about coaching this ball club. I am really enthusiastic about working with these guys. Stanley Asumnu gives us a spark, and so does Jemere Hendrix.



SOUTHEASTERN ALL-STARS SPORTS HEAD COACH JODIE LOCKRIDGE: "We were outmanned. We had no size, but we stayed in there together. Tennessee was dominant on the offensive boards. That, and our indecisiveness, was the key. We have been together about three months and we will be all right. They had more size than anybody we have played at all positions. They have big guards, big forwards and big centers. I cannot compare them to anybody else we have played because they are so big.

"Scooter McFadgon shot well and jumped well. Tennessee crashed the boards. I thought a key was that Brandon Crump stepped out and made the shots. If he makes shots like that all year, Tennessee will be hard to guard. They played well in transition. They knew their assignments and were patient. They looked to the other options, sometimes going to their third or fourth options before taking a shot tonight. Sometimes teams tend to get in a hurry, but they did not tonight."



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