Post-Game Quotes: Oklahoma State 62, Tennessee 45

Nov. 16, 2012

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Tennessee Head Coach Cuonzo Martin

(On Oklahoma State)
"You have to give those guys credit. They played a physical game. They played hard. And the thing we talked to our guys about going into the game, Smart, Brown and Nash are the keys to that team. That's how they win and lose ballgames. They did a good job from start to finish. Smart did a tremendous job of controlling the game."

"You have to give Oklahoma State a lot of credit for being aggressive, playing good defense, closing off the passing lanes. We didn't establish a good post presence inside all night. We had some wide open looks outside that we just didn't hit. You can't worry about that. If they don't go, they don't go. They just did a good job of being physical.

"When you have open looks, take the shots and they aren't falling, you can't get into a real flow. They kept us out of our offensive flow and you have to give them credit for that. I thought today was just another phase of learning for Jarnell (Stokes). Some of it, too, comes back to making perimeter shots - it opens up more one-on-one situations inside and more offensively. We weren't able to do that very often."

"We made shots yesterday that didn't fall today. You have to stay aggressive, especially against a team like this one. They disrupted our flow today and we could never get going."

(On playing better defensively)
"In the second half, we had six fouls with 15:54 left to play. I think all of those were bad fouls, except for one. But it's just bad fouls more than anything. What happens is you get out of rhythm. Kenny Hall got two early fouls. It is hard to get in a rhythm when you have to start rotating and subbing different guys. So you can't get bad fouls like that because you lose confidence. All the sudden the game gets stretched where it is 11, 12, 13 point lead and you're hesitant with your shot. You don't get the ball inside like we need to. That kind of stuff happens. Then all of the sudden you start pressing and bad fouling."

(On how much film you watch after a defeat like this)
"Well you pick and choose which spots you watch film. With us when we lose ballgames, it isn't a session where we chastise the guys. It is a learning situation. When you lose ballgames, guys are vulnerable. It is just human nature. We talk about certain things but we don't criticize and beat guys down. We just talk about it, fix the errors, and move forward because it is a long season. You just learn from it and keep moving."

(On Oklahoma State coming together)
"They did a good job. They found a way to win the game. They controlled the tempo. You have to give their coaching staff and also Marcus Smart as a freshman did a good job controlling the game."

(On Marcus Smart)
"I knew we was going to be tough without a doubt. I watched him play a lot of AAU ball in the summer time. One thing he has the reputation of probably being one of the toughest guys on the AAU circuit of finding ways to win the game. He is not really flashy with his game, gets to the rim, plays hard and post up. That is the kind of guy he is and he showed it."

(On what shots to take during the game)
"The most important thing you try to tell your guys is to play to your strengths. In Skylar (McBee's) case if you have an open shot you got to take it. There were one of two shots made with Josh (Richardson) especially in the last three shots where he got to the rim because he is more of a slasher than a shooter. Trae Golden, I thought he past up a shot late in the game right off the bench. Nobody was guarding him, he shot the pull up and got it blocked. You got to take an open shot when you have it. What happens when you start second guessing, hesitating on your shots that has a lasting effect to late in the game, the next game. You have to play to your strengths."

(On how the team will spend its day off)
"We will watch film as a team tonight and tomorrow. We won't practice on the court because we have three games in four days. But we will do a lot of film sessions, communicating, and going over the game plan. As a staff, we will watch NC State and UMass."

(On keeping the team focused playing in a consolation game)
"Well it's my job as a coach to get our guys ready to play, ready to compete, and play hard. Of course guys are down, because you want to win and be successful. We had aspiration to come and win this tournament but it didn't happen. So now, it is still early in the season... We have a chance to get out to 3-1 leaving this tournament. That's what you want to do. We want to go out and compete. At the end of the day, you're still a ball player. You can be down about it tonight, but tomorrow we have to get back to work."

(On the backup point guard position)
"Today was circumstantial. Jordan McRae is an experience guy. We needed scoring production. It wasn't the case that Armani Moore did a bad job. We just needed some scoring production and Armani is more of a slashing point and facilitator. The way we were stagnant offensively. We just wanted to get some production from a scoring standpoint."

Tennessee Junior Guard Jordan McRae

(On driving to the hoop rather than settle for jump shots)
"I just took that upon myself because they were going under a lot of our ball screens and we just continued to shoot deep shots. We weren't hitting any of those so somebody had to make the choice to take the ball to the rack."

(On the tough team shooting day)
"I don't feel like we turned down any open shots. We still took the shots we were supposed to shoot. Tonight, they just weren't going down for us."

(On Oklahoma State always answering every Tennessee run)
"It was tough. They had a lot of free throws. I think they were in the bonus with about 15 minutes to go in the second half. So, we gave away a lot of points there. It was just really tough."

(On playing some at the point guard position)
"Oh yeah. I'm comfortable with playing it. It's a little tough because I have to know all the plays since I play the point, shooting guard and small forward positions. But there is nothing wrong with that, though."

(On how the team will spend their off day tomorrow)
"We are going to watch some film. But other than that, we are just going to enjoy the sights and enjoy being here."

Tennessee forward D'Montre Edwards

"Oklahoma State played well and I give them a lot of credit. We played hard but, like coach said, we couldn't get shots to fall. We have to bring physicality every night. As for me, I think I bring some energy to the team and, at the same time, I had some good looks. We just have to get those shots to fall."

Oklahoma State Head Coach Travis Ford

"When you play defense and rebound the way we did, you give yourself a chance to win. We hadn't rebounded the ball that well this season until today. For us to be able to compete as we did against a physical team like they are, was impressive. We got guys the ball where they needed it to score and that was big in getting the win. We wanted to take away the paint and our guys were terrific doing that.

"To be able to have a lead like we did allowed us to try a few things when we got into foul trouble. We were able to go to a zone that enabled us to force them to take threes. We aren't a real deep team right now because of our injury situation. It was our goal to have our four and five guys stay in the paint and force them to the perimeter to take three point shots. For the most part, I thought it was successful."

LeBryan Nash, Oklahoma State forward

"Our game plan was to stop them inside, be physical and get our shots. We executed pretty well and made them take shots that didn't fall for them. I think we did a good job holding them like we did. We wanted to stop their big men and, obviously, we did a pretty good job doing that."





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