Postgame Quotes: Tennessee 64, Xavier 49

Nov. 29, 2013

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HEAD COACH Cuonzo Martin

(On the win)
"They did a great job of bouncing back today. It was an emotional game last night and a tough loss. We had our pregame meal at 10 a.m. and played at 1 p.m. - as a staff we might have gotten two hours of sleep last night with scouting. I thought our guys did a good job of bouncing back and playing at a high level."

(On Jarnell Stokes and Jeronne Maymon)
"They played well and they rebounded. It was just like last night, they rebounded but the only difference was we didn't capitalize on the free throws and the layups. It was a big turnaround. It's emotionally taxing when you're missing those layups around the rim and those free throws. It takes a lot out of you because it's so hard to score against good teams. We capitalized today and played well. When those two guys play well, we play well as a team. We have to go through those guys. They rebounded, defended and put pressure on [Xavier] on defense."

(On Josh Richardson)
"Josh has done a really good job improving his perimeter game, improving his 3-point shot. In order for us to be successful, Josh has to do a great job of defending and he did that tonight. He takes pride in his defending his guy. Semaj (Christon) is very talented; you have to keep him out of transition. If he gets the ball at half court in transition he's tough to defend. Josh did a great job of taking pride and shutting him down."

(On controlling the tempo)
"We told our guys if they listened to the scouting report we would give ourselves a tremendous chance at winning games. Last night we didn't do a good job of carrying out the assignments on our scouting report. Then you have to take pride in defending. We can't win at a high level if we don't defend and that was the result last night. It gets to a point where you can't hide basketball players. You have to be able to guard somebody. At some point you have to be able to step up and defend."

(On Jordan McRae)
"He did a tremendous job. The one thing with Jordan is he has to take pride on the defensive side of the ball. You have to take pride in defending because we can't trade baskets. You saw what happened last night. We tried to trade baskets and it resulted in a loss. I thought he did a better job today."

(On Darius Thompson)
"Darius has a good feel, good pace to his game; he reads the defense and sees it well. He knows when to get it to the big guys and he knows when to attack. He has a tremendous feel for a young guy."

(On Robert Hubbs III)
"Robert is a very talented player. We recruited Robert to score the basketball. I told him he has to be aggressive and score the ball. His defense is coming and that's with any freshmen. It takes times. When you're playing for the University of Tennessee you're expected to play at a certain level. Robert was one of the top high school players in the country last year so they want to see what he's made of. He's a prideful young man; he understands and puts a lot of time and work into it. He'll be very successful."


(On rebounding after last night's loss)
"I woke up with a sour taste in my mouth today. I want to thank God for giving us a chance to redeem ourselves. I feel like if we were to play this way against UTEP, there's no way we would have lost."

(On the first meeting with Xavier)
"I had to adjust to the new rules. I watched that film a lot just to make sure I don't get two fouls early. Ever since I've pretty much learned my lesson."

(On dominating inside with Jeronne Maymon)
"I've been looking forward to playing like this with Jeronne. I feel like we can do this every game. We finished well in this game. That was one of the biggest things. Josh (Richardson) also helps us out a lot."

(On playing high-low with Maymon)
"I love playing with Jeronne. He really understands the game and is a veteran out there. We did that when they played the 2-3 zone. It helped us out a lot against the zone."

(On man-to-man defense)
"The key matchup was we containted Semaj Christon. It was an overall defensive effort against him. We were able to frustrate him. We adjusted to the new rules - I feel like that's what hurt us a lot at Xavier. We were still hand-checking and this time we were able to show our hands without getting called."

(On winning the next game)
"We came here to go 3-0 and I still feel like we should have won yesterday. I still have a sour taste in my mouth, but I have to get over that and understand that we can't play like we did yesterday. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I really want to finish this tournament 2-1."





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