Postgame Quotes: Georgetown 37, Vols 36

Nov. 30, 2012

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(On the game)/br> "I thought both teams played hard, both teams did a good job defending playing defense. Georgetown with the zone defense, they used their length well. We didn't get the ball to the middle like we wanted to. For the most part you want to be aggressive. With a zone you have to go to the perimeter and made some shots and you have to get those post touches and I don't think we did a good job with that."

(On the scoring difficulties)
"The thing we talk about with our guys. Regardless of how many points you score, if you score 80 points or 37 like they did tonight, you have to hang your hat on the defensive side of the ball. I think with what happens defensively you give your chance to win games. We have some critical turnovers in the first half and early in the second half, but we gave ourselves a chance to win down the stretch."

(On the Vols' defense)
"I told our guys I thought they did an exceptional guy defensively, of course they are upset because you want to win the game. I thought they did a tremendous job. I knew at some point we would probably have to go to a zone with that type of offense, with that length and athleticism with those 6-7, 6-8, 6-9 guys are posting up our 6-4 guards. They did not get one back-cut. I thought our guys did a tremendous job accepting the challenge."

(On rebounding)
"They did a good job. I think our guys are so consumed with shutting down guys defensively, we came up a little short offensively, but I have to give our guys credit. They competed, but we didn't win. I'm not into moral victories. We will get the next one."

(On the last shots)
"We didn't execute it well. Someone (Skylar McBee) got a shot. Skylar should have been the third option. We wanted to go inside and have the big guys attack the rim and force the ref to make the call and get to the free throw line. From the bench, it seemed like Kenny and Jarnell were open, but I always tell the guys I'm not on the floor and I can't see the guys. I thought Jordan had a decent look as well."

(On looking ahead)
"The guys will have off tomorrow (Saturday) and we will get back after it on Sunday. It's a tough loss, but the guys competed. You didn't execute the way you wanted to on offensive side of the ball, you have to give Georgetown credit. We will get back after it one Sunday."

(On positives)
"We competed. We didn't come in here and try to get a moral victory to keep the game close, we came to win the game. We couldn't make shots offensively and that's part of it, if we defend the way did and box out those guys the way we did, we will be fine."


(On Georgetown's 2-3 zone)
"Yeah, it definitely caused some problems. They are a big team. It was just a tough night for us. Both teams played really hard and I think that it could have gone either way."

(On the game)
"It was tough. They had a stingy defense. Shots weren't falling for either team. It was just one of those nights."

(On Tennessee's successful defense)
"Coach Martin had us going on defense. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the win. I'm proud of my team, though. We still lost to Georgetown, but they are a really good team."

(On Georgetown's defense)/br> "It was tough. Their defense was lifted. It was a shaded zone. It felt like everywhere I went there was two guys on me. So it was tough to really pick my spots and help get my teammates good looks. Skylar McBee knocked down big shots. Jordan McRae knocked down big shots. If we could have just got the ball to Kenny Hall and Jarnell Stokes a couple more times, I think we would've got the win."

(On getting Jarnell Stokes the ball)
"Yeah, we were trying to get him the ball. That's our game plan. It's tough as a point guard as I was trying to talk to the coaches on different ways to get the ball to him. It was just really tough."

(On Georgetown's zone)
"They play their spots correctly. It was probably the best zone defense I've gone up against. We should've attacked it more, but that's tough to do. All that doesn't matter though, we lost. It's a tough loss."

(On next week's game against Virginia)
"Yes sir, we are looking forward to that game and getting out there."


(On if there is any word on Nate Lubick's status)
Not yet. I don't know what happened, he hit his elbow and it's going to get x-rayed once we get back to school. Said he felt a tingling sensation in his fingers, that's as much update as I can give you right now.

(On if it was a frustrating to coach)
I don't know that I've been a part of a game like that, to tell you the truth. Going into halftime, I felt we were getting easy shots that we were missing. I mean we were getting shots at the rim and it wasn't going in...So I don't think we needed to make that many adjustments, so then we came out and did the exact same thing in the second half. I don't know whether it was pretty or ugly or what, but I know I've never been part of a game like that.

(On the impact of Georgetown's zone defense)
We didn't go into the game anticipating that much zone, but we saw it was effective and so we stayed with it. Fortunately, our defense was good, if not very, very good tonight, the team scored 36 points...What we need to improve on is out of there 36 probably about 20 of those were on second chances. They got too many offensive rebounds, particularly early, particularly in the first half. The zone caused them to take long shots and they got the long rebounds. It wasn't like they were just shoving us under the basket, they were just running down the long rebounds and we need to do a better job of that, but the zone was effective.

(On the good starts at the beginning of the first and second halves and Tennessee coming back)
I said this going into the game, they are a good defensive team. We knew nothing was going to be easy. That being said, we did get some easy shots, the ball just didn't go in. You walk away from a game where you scored 37 points and you win, part of you says, "I'll take that." We know we have a long way to go. We know are a work in progress, we know we are a young team...we can do a few things different, we always can improve, but today was just one of those days where the ball just didn't go in the basket.

(On if there is concern about the team's front court depth)
I thought we were fine. We talk about our front court and we have (Greg Whittington and Otto Porter Jr) that can be front court players, we have Mikael, who is a front court player. With that being said we want to find opportunities to get Moses some minutes and BJ some minutes, both of them got a little bit tonight, but we're trying to win games.

(On his decisions on who plays in games)
I remember talking to the late Skip Prosser one day, and he was like, "Do you let your beat writers come to your practices?" And I said "No," and he said, "I let them come to every one." I said, "Well coach, why do you do that." He says, "Because then they'll stop asking me dumb questions about who I don't put into the games, because they see every day in practice what I see every day in practice." I see these guys every day in practice. It's easy to sit here and say, well so-and-so might be a gamer and if you put him in a game he might do something different than you see for three hours a day, six days a week, but I don't think so.





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