Postgame Quotes: #12/8 Wichita State 70, Tennessee 61

Dec. 14, 2013

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(On the last 10 minutes of the game)
"One of the things... Jeronne (Maymon) had an opportunity to get a layup and Wichita State made a play that led to a (Tekele) Cotton and-1. There were a couple situations like that. We couldn't get in a real flow."

(On the inside game today)
"That's one of the keys for us. Jordan (McRae) ended up with 26 points, but it's one of the keys and one of the reasons why we shoot so many 3-pointers. When those two guys (Jarnell Stokes and Jeronne Maymon) don't play as well we shoot a lot of 3s. When we have opportunities around the basket or 1-on-1s we have to capitalize."

(On getting into the half-court offense)
"You have to be able to flow into it; you have to be able to get the ball inside. We didn't do a very good job of that in the second half. But that's what happens when Jeronne and Jarnell are in-and-out. You count on those guys for that post-production and for our spacing offensively."

( (On point guard play)
"I thought they were solid. There were opportunities. Antonio (Barton) has to get into the offense, but part of that was the atmosphere and the crowd noise. It wasn't the flow we needed out of them, but part of that was the post-production. We have to get the ball inside to allow other guys to make plays."

( (On forcing turnovers)
"You'd like to get more than seven turnovers, but their field goal percentage was down, they're missing shots and we're getting rebounds. That's the difference; that's how we gauge it."

( (On Wichita State protecting the rim)
"I thought we had opportunities to capitalize on some layups that we didn't. You have to stay aggressive. If they block a shot, make them continue to block that shot. We have to continue to attack the rim."

( (On Wichita State's Tekale Cotton)
"I thought he played a good game on both ends of the floor. He got to the free throw line quite a bit, but I thought he impacted the game on defense. He had a key block on Jeronne and he had a key steal in transition. I thought he did a good job of playing on both ends."

( (On Jordan McRae going over 1,000 career points)
"I think it's a tremendous honor for a guy who didn't play as a freshman. You're into the 1,000-point club at the University of Tennessee - there are so many great players that have done that. He'll continue to score the ball."

( (On the upcoming four-game homestand)
"I think we'll be ready to go. You have to protect your home court. It's four games, but the most important one is on Wednesday against NC State. We have to play hard from the start to finish of the game and secure both ends of the floor. We have to get production around the rim so we can knock those 3-point shots down."


(On the game)
"It was tough for us. Like you said, they just made some huge plays. They got us on the offensive glass and we've got to do a better job towards the end of the game."

(On Wichita State switching up its defense)
"It didn't throw us off. We have to be ready at all times for what any team is going to throw at us."

(On having a hard time getting the ball inside)
"I don't think (Wichita State) really did anything. We just have to have movement on the floor."

(On team chemistry today)
"When you have Jeronne (Maymon) and Jarnell (Stokes) on the block, the weakside defender is going to be right there. We just need to get more movement when we try to throw the ball inside."

(On scoring 1,000 career points)
"To be honest, right now I can't even begin to think about that. This game right here really meant a lot to us. It's just something I can't wrap my mind around at this point."

(On a four-game homestand upcoming)
"We have to put this one behind us. We have a quick turnaround. We have to be ready to go."





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