Dec. 17, 2005

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Bruce Pearl, Head Coach

General Comments: "We played a great game tonight. I'm really happy for the kids. They've been through a lot and worked really hard, and this is a great win for Tennessee. We have an athletic program that enjoys unparalleled success and these guys feel it to try and hold up their end, so this was a big win for Tennessee."

On stopping LaMarcus Aldridge: "The big thing was five shot attempts more than anything. We had guys foul out and those were all interior defensive fouls. He is so good that we tried to limit his touches and I though we did a great job getting ready for Texas and we did a wonderful job."

On JaJuan Smith: "Well you've got to make plays like he did today if you want to do something special like beating Texas at Texas. It's rewarding to win because they're so good and so well coached."

JaJuan Smith

On driving the ball: "First of all, it wasn't easy. We were both out there battling and I guess we just won the battle tonight."

Chris Lofton

On being effective: "I think they were overplaying us, overplaying us for threes. We have this one play that we just run it and it works. It's a good play. I had some open looks and I missed some too, so I just need to work harder so I don't miss any open shots."


Rick Barnes, Head Coach

On why the team is not playing to their potential: "I do not want to take anything away from Tennessee because I thought they came in and did what they wanted to do, but Brad is a big part of what we do, he is a senior and a leader. Also Kenton has not really practiced that much since the Duke game because of his abdominal pull, and losing Daniel makes it difficult, but I was pleased with Connor's rhythm and A.J. coming in."



On Tennessee's shooting: "People are going to shoot the ball, but when you turn it over and give a team like that an open court they'll find what they're looking for, and they did. I'm not surprised, but I think we need to do more defensively. We have shown we can do it; we just need to be consistent."

On A.J. Abrams playing more minutes: "We spent our whole preseason with Daniel and Brad being a big part of what we're doing, so now we're making adjustments and we're getting new guys out there. We didn't expect A.J. to be playing 31 minutes at this point in the season, but hopefully with the experience he is getting right now he can improve on more areas of his game."

P.J. Tucker, Junior Forward

On Texas' play today: "We had a couple of good days in practice, but we came out tonight, Daniel got hurt, things went wrong. We just weren't playing like ourselves. We missed a couple of shots and we weren't getting our looks at the beginning. You have to give all of the credit to [Tennessee] because they came out and played with everything they had."

On Brad Buckman's absence due to injury: "It's hard. Buck's a guy that can do a lot of different things. When he's out, everybody else has to step up and fill that void. I have to pick up some of that slack. We all have to rebound a little bit more, put a couple more shots in. But it's tough without him."

LaMarcus Aldridge, Sophomore Forward

On playing the Volunteers: "We were fired up, but we just didn't use our energy in the right way. I really don't know why. I think our guys gave it their all but Tennessee just played good basketball. They shot the ball well, doubled the posts well, and they took our point guard out. They just took care of business."

A.J. Abrams, Freshman Guard

On today's loss to Tennessee: "We had a game plan coming our but I don't think we followed it as well as we should have. I think that's why we had problems taking the ball down the court and getting the ball in bounds."

On his playing time: That's why I came to Texas - to get big minutes. It is unfortunate that Daniel went down but I always know I have to be ready to come in and play at any time.



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