Postgame Quotes

Dec. 20, 2003

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"We were very concerned as a staff about Georgia State, a team we think will win its conference this year. Trello Galloway has the flu, and that worked in our favor. They are an athletic team that will be tough to beat when they start their conference play.

"A key step in our victory was stopping Nate Williams during the second half. We did a much better job against him after intermission. Our bench was very productive, especially in the first half, and again Boomer Herndon just gets better as he goes along.

"We couldn't stop Georgia State very well in the first half. Starting in the second half, though, Stanley Asumnu did a lot of things that gave us energy. Another thing: Brandon Crump was aggressive in the post. Again this was a very good win because Georgia State had our staff nervous about what it might accomplish.

"We got the ball inside a lot, which is what we wanted to do because we wanted to get the opportunity for more free-throws. At one point Georgia State was 8 of 9 on scoring possessions, but then our zone defense helped us, and we did a good job of boxing out.

"Still, sometimes our players don't know a good shot from a bad one. We need to learn to make better decisions."


"It was hard for us to change the way we play.

"Trello Galloway has an acute case of the flu, and that affected us. He really triggers our full-court press; he played about a minute or so. He's our best at that, but he couldn't play. We had to go back to a half-court game, and that played into their hands. We wanted to play full-court; that's the way we play.



"In the half-court game, their size became a big factor. I think their first 15 to 17 points were inside. Their size and athleticism hurt us. We have to work really hard to change defensively. We have to get Galloway healthy, because we have another tough opponent at Auburn Monday.

"I knew we were down, but I wasn't looking at the clock. We had to keep working, and it was tough to catch up. Brandon Crump hit some big free throws. I thought Tennessee and Auburn would be two of the most physical games we would play, especially back-to-back. We had to neutralize their size with our speed and quickness.

"I don't know whether Galloway will be able to play Monday; he's the kind of guy who can look as though he's on his deathbed, and rack up a double-double. He always answers the bell. He was having trouble breathing today, and for him to come out was really not him. He got sick this morning, and had a temperature of 101 degrees prior to the game.

"With 90 seconds to go in the game, we could have gotten closer, but Crump made the free-throws."



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