UT-College of Charleston Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 31, 2010

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UT-College of Charleston Post-Game Quotes

Tennessee Head Coach Bruce Pearl

"Obviously, what's ailing us is not fixed yet. Charleston is a good team. They had a chance to beat Maryland their very first game. They lost by 5 at North Carolina. (Andrew) Goudelock is a great player who averages 24 a game and had 31 tonight. Defensively is probably our greatest challenge. In games we've gotten beat, guards have taken advantage of us. Tonight, College of Charleston's guards took full advantage of us.

"They're obviously great 3-point shooters you have to press out and guard. College of Charleston shoots better from the 3 than they do from the 2. It's ungodly how far you've got to come out on them and they also have the ability to turn corners.

"The areas where they set the ball screen out front are the areas where we have great challenges. I don't think I have to worry about scouting anymore. Pittsburgh ran their set ball screens on the sides, and we guarded those well. Center ball screens are the area we have a hard time with, and that's an area Charleston specializes in. Guarding center ball screens involve guys who can move their feet. If you think about 180-degree angle, and from the side think about a 90-degree angle. On one area, we've been able to wall off, and on the other area we haven't been able to wall off as well.

"Our energy level hasn't been good since we came back. We've had one practice and two games in this five-day stretch. I don't think we have had good energy.

"The decisions as far as personnel are concerned moving forward will come down to the guys who can defend and move their feet will play. The guys who can't, won't. We'll shorten the rotation and make some tough decisions. It will simply come down to guys who can defend and rebound.

"In the 7-0 stretch, we had 14 halves of basketball and held opponents to less than 50 percent (shooting) in 12 of 14 times. The others were the second half at Pittsburgh when the game was well in control, and the first half against a really good Belmont team. Other than that, every half was considerably less than 50 percent. The last four of five games, that's just not been the case.

"I thought our fans were great tonight. Even though we were down, I thought our fans continued to applaud effort plays. I thought they were great. I'm sure they're frustrated. It's been a tough 24 hours for our fans. I thought they were great. I appreciate them hanging in with us."

On being ejected ..."I was just trying to get (assistant coach) Tony Jones some reps. Historically, I've only been ejected three times. I was ejected once at Southern Indiana in the last regular season game of the year at home. I was ejected once in Chicago at UIC early in the second half. And once here. I wasn't talking to the official when I was ejected, so that's what I was surprised about."

College of Charleston Head Coach Bobby Cremins

"It was a great win. We played some great basketball and shot eyes out. Our guards, (Andrew) Goudelock and (Donavan) Monroe, were tremendous. (Antwaine) Wiggins, a Tennessee native, gave us a great start. We had to hold on, but it was a great win for our program.

"It got tough. A game is 40 minutes, but I feel like I had been out there for six hours. I am worn out, but I am proud of our guys. We hung in there really well and got a great win on the road against a really good opponent.

"I wish I could say we shot like this all the time but we don't. Goudelock is a great scorer, but we shot the ball extremely well. We were ready to play and we just played so well. It is hard for me to explain. This was a really quality win for our program.

"I have great respect for Bruce Pearl and for Tennessee. Obviously, they are going through some tough times right now. They have some problems, but I think they can overcome them. We just shot the eyes out. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do. We made some incredible shots. The way we played today, we could have beaten anybody in the country. I wish we could play like that all the time."





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