Cuonzo Martin Press Luncheon Transcript

Feb. 4, 2013

(On Kenny Hall building off of Saturday's performance)
"I hope so. He is in the office right now watching film as we speak. That is one thing about Kenny Hall, he is always in the office preparing. He was assertive. The one thing I want him to do going into that game was to score the basketball. We felt like that was a great opportunity to score against Arkansas around the rim and I thought he did that. He made his face up shot which is probably one of his best strengths. He loves to shoot that ball but he has been working on it. Hopefully he will stay consist with that and is a guy when Jarnell (Stokes) goes out he does a really good job of establishing his post position. The key is not moving his feet, making solid moves because he does a really good job of getting good position on the blocks."

(On the turnovers at Arkansas)
"This is what I talked to the guys about, you spend a lot of time working on breaking the press and you do a good job of breaking it but you get the bulk of your turnovers when you are trying to execute your offense. Turnovers aren't characteristics that you should have going into games like that. It is hard to really get in a flow and now all of a sudden you have to keep turning on the left side of the floor while these guys are trying to run the offense and now they are transitioning down the court. You just can't have it. You have to take care of the ball. We spend a lot of time on skill work: ball handling, passing, cutting, moving and just being aggressive. Once again I would like to credit Arkansas for being assertive and attacking."

(On Jordan McRae being defended better in the last four games)
"I think one is being physical with him, being aggressive and upfront. Forcing his looks and making him make plays off the dribble with one or two guys rotating to help him. The thing we talk to Jordan about is his one or two dribble pull up in the lane. It also helps him some when you get him off the ball so he can catch and shoot. He can come off screens, catch and shoot and make plays as opposed to bring the ball up because when he brings the ball up they can identify him. They know where he is at all times as opposed to him running off screens, cutting through the lanes and setting back screens for other guys. Then he is catching and shooting and using his dribble."



(On Trae Golden's injury status)
"We didn't practice yesterday. Yesterday was a day off, so we will find out today where he is. He is listed as day-to-day so we will see how it goes today."

(On Derek getting eight rebounds at Arkansas)
"The thing about Derek is that he is playing some really good basketball. His biggest thing has always been three point shooting. He can really shoot the ball, and the thing for us and for Derek is to be a complete basketball. He has really given his body up to go in there and get rebounds. The tough part for him is he is really a small forward with his frame and his fifteen pound weight loss. He cannot move guys around like he is capable of. It is a great lesson for him because he continues to work and continues to battle and he stretches the defense."

(On all the turnovers)
"I think on the road it is just the atmosphere. The mental focus when you are on the road. Being even keel, not getting caught up with the crowd or when you get down in games and not being consumed by them, and to continue to execute, you have to cut a little harder or make an extra pass on a roll, just all of those things. Just being aggressive and not letting the crowd take over and dictate the game. I think that is the biggest key to the game."

(On Georgia's slow start)
"They changed some lineups and now I think they have the right lineup more than anything. They have not changed what they do, their system and style is still the same and their guys are playing with a level of confidence."

(On Kentavious Caldwell-Pope)
"He is a talented player, he comes off screens ready to shoot the ball. He is shooting the ball with a high level of confidence. He can put the ball on the floor and make plays off the dribble. He gets in the lane and finds his big guys and he also finds his perimeter guys as well."



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