Bernard King's Big Day
Bernard King during an appearance at TBA

April 8, 2013

Bernard King quotes from today's breakout session at the Naismith Hall of Fame Announcement:

"Considering that collegiate is part of this. My time at the University of Tennessee when I teamed with Ernie Grunfeld and we were known at that time, as the `Bernie and Ernie Show.' That was a delight. Then all the years playing in the NBA, the great coaches that I played for and the players that were my teammates, contributed to this. Certainly, this was not on my radar in terms of something that I was anticipating, so it came as an absolute surprise to me. I'm just deeply honored to know that I am going to be included in the Hall with the all-time greats. It is an honor for me and my family. I am delighted, and moved."

"Ray Mears and Stu Aberdeen are great contributors to my being here today. The University of Tennessee offered me the opportunity to play collegiately, and Stu Aberdeen was the coach that recruited me. If not for Stu Aberdeen, I never would have wound up at Tennessee. Ray Mears is obviously one of the most respected coaches that's has ever coached the collegiate game. I loved his offense, `Give the ball to Ernie (Grunfeld). If Ernie's not open, give the it to Bernard. If Bernard's not open, give it back to Ernie'."

"But we had a very good team with Rodney Woods, Austin Clark and Mike Jackson, and all those other tremendous players that I teamed with. I've had the opportunity to speak to several of them about our time at Tennessee. I am very grateful to Ray Mears and I am grateful to Stu Aberdeen."

"I was surprised obviously. I did not know if I was going to make it or not. No one is entitled to be included, elected into the Hall of Fame. You're not entitled to that. So, it was never on my radar. It is not something that I have thought about. The fact that I was a finalist, however many number of times, has no bearing on today, at all."

"I was surprised obviously. I did not know if I was going to make it or not."





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