Five Minutes with Emmanuel Negedu

Aug. 3, 2010

Drew Rutherford

During a recent visit to Knoxville, former Tennessee basketball player Emmanuel Negedu sat down with to check in with and update Vols fans about how he is doing at the University of New Mexico.

Q: E-Man, Vols fans love you and they want to know how you are doing out at New Mexico?

A: I am doing great. I am so happy to be there. Everybody is really great and I am getting along well with my coaches and teammates. Right now, I am just getting to know everyone better. I like the school. It's a smaller campus--I don't have to walk up lots of stairs to The Hill anymore.

Q: What is your team like?

A: We are a really athletic team and we have good size. We have good shooters--inside and outside. Every one of the people I've met has been really great and there are a lot of good people there.

Q: What are you going to be able to add to the Lobos team?

A: One thing I can contribute is energy. Rebounding is something I will be able to excel at and I think I will be an effective inside player, too.

Q: You're back on campus here in Knoxville, what's it like seeing your old teammates?

A: It's great. I hung out with those guys the other day and it was a lot of fun. Being around my old teammates is--it just felt really great to be back.

Q: I'm sure the weather is a lot different out there. What was the change in climate like for you?

A: The weather? (A pause--likely for dramatic effect) It's pretty warm. (Hearty laugh) But it's dry and not as humid there like it is here. Later in the afternoons when the sun starts to go down, it is really nice.

Q; As the season approaches, what are you most excited about?

A: I am so ready to go out and play. I just want to contribute and help my team win games. All I am looking forward to is for the season to start and to get out there and play.





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