Hello My Name Is: Kenny Hall

Aug. 6, 2009

This is the first of a three-part series highlighting the 2009-10 Tennessee basketball newcomers. In this edition of "Hello My Name Is," UTsports.com chats it up with true-freshman forward Kenny Hall.

Q: You've had a busy couple of months, graduating high school in May and starting your college career here at UT on June 1. What have been your first impressions of university life, and do you know what you plan on majoring in?
A: "Independence. That's been my first impression. It's a new chapter being out on my own, starting my basketball career and my collegiate career. It's different. I'm going to major in Communications."

Q: What's something Tennessee fans don't know about you that they might find interesting?
A: "A lot of people think I'm from Georgia, but I'm originally from Los Angeles. I lived there until I was 14-years-old, and I go back every summer."

Q: What's your favorite meal?
A: "The All-Star Breakfast at Waffle House. In fact, I just came from there so I'm nice and full."

Q: Do you remember your first dunk?
A: "The first time I actually dunked was at a church. It was after a practice, and a bunch of us just kept trying to dunk and I finally made it. I might have been like 14-years-old."

Q: In your opinion, what is your biggest strength on the basketball court? And what area of your game do you most want to improve upon?
A: "My biggest strength is finishing around the basket. I want to improve my ball-handling and my shot."

Q: What's the one electronic device you couldn't live without?
A: "My cell phone. I need to communicate and keep in touch with people. I keep numbers, addresses--lots of important stuff is in my phone."

Q: Did you play any sports other than basketball while you were growing up?
A: "I've been a football player. That was actually my primary sport for a long time. I played running back--that's when I was short and stocky. When I got tall I played receiver, tight end, defensive end and linebacker. I used to run track when I was little, and I even played baseball for two years."



Q: Who is your favorite pro athlete in a sport other than basketball and why?
A: "Randy Moss. I used to idolize the way he played back when I played football. He was the best receiver in the game back then."

Q: What three words would you use to describe head coach Bruce Pearl?
A: "Crazy. Motivating. Inspirational."

Q: When you think about your college debut at Thompson-Boling Arena in November, what do you envision as your first big play?
A: "Fast break. Somebody throws up a lob... I catch it and jam it hard. I'm talking about a situation when the crowd is going to go crazy.

"Let me visualize it. [Hall closes his eyes] We're down four points but Scotty hits a three to put us down one. They get the ball, they push it and E-Man blocks a shot of the backboard. The crowd gets up off their feet. Wayne gets the rebound, kicks it out to Cam. He pushes it up and I spread out on the other wing. Cam throws it up, I catch it up high and bang it. And everybody goes nuts!

"Then the other team calls a timeout."

Q: We've heard a rumor that you've got some hip-hop skills like some of your teammates.
A: "Aww, me? I'm the man behind the music. I give Swiperboy some ideas with his beats. I critique some of his rhymes. When I actually get on the mic, I'm like the MC or DJ... I just gas it up a little bit and tell the people what they're going to hear.

"I can write though sometimes if I'm feeling it."



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